Many car owners simply detest the thought of leaving their car in an auto body shop for any reason. In many cases, the expenses of maintaining a car can act as a major deterrent. In others, the inconvenience of not having a vehicle to use on a daily basis can be the stuff of nightmares. This is especially so if you use your vehicle extensively each day.

People who use their cars frequently will often view a minor collision as an inconvenience. They will observe the scrape or scratch marks on the panels of their vehicle. They might even perform a cursory examination of their vehicle to see the extent of the damage. But, in many cases, these individuals will convince themselves that they do not need to visit the local body shop. This is especially so because barring a few scratches or dents, they might not have come across any significant damage.

However, it is worth highlighting that even a minor collision could cause significant damage to a car. In many collisions, the damage might not always be apparent or easy to see. For instance, not many car owners will bother to check components underneath the car to look for signs of damage. As such, they could well end up driving cars that could jeopardise their lives. This is because they are driving cars that are not roadworthy.

For these reasons, automotive experts recommend car owners to visit the local body shop after a minor collision. The experts at these facilities will give the car a thorough inspection and examination. Some collisions might only have resulted in the appearance of scratches and dents on the body of the car. However, the impact of the collision might have affected the inner components of the vehicle in ways that are not easy to ascertain. But, professional panel beaters and other repair technicians will be able to identify damage that is not all that apparent.

Some of the most common problems that arise in cars involved in minor collisions include:

  • Reduced Battery Life: Situations could arise where even minor collisions could end up jarring the batteries of the car. This could shake up the sediment in the battery. As a result, the lead plates in the battery could end up breaking. Alternatively, they could end up short-circuiting.
  • Flicking Engine Lights: Minor collisions could affect the emissions components. This could lead to the engine light flicking on and off.
  • Leakages: In many cases, a minor collision could end up jarring the hoses present on the underside of the car. The impact of the collision could cause tiny cracks in the hoses. This could result in oil, gas or air conditioning leakages.
  • Improper Alignments: Many car owners seldom consider drivability or suspension-related issues when they become involved in minor collisions. The impact of the collision could make the tyres improperly aligned. This could result in excessive wear-related issues on the tyres.