If you drive a car frequently, then you will have a higher probability of finding yourself involved in a car collision. In some cases, you might find yourself involved in a collision as a passenger, if not as a driver. It is worth highlighting that a vast majority of collisions tend to be minor in nature. For instance, the collision could involve scraping another car while you park your vehicle. Or, it might involve what automotive experts refer to as fender benders. In these collisions, the car will probably sustain some superficial scratches and dents. In addition, the drivers and the passengers will usually not experience anything more than a few scratches and bruises.

Some of the components of a car that sustain the most damage in collisions include:

  • The Front Bumper: Estimates suggest that front bumper damage accounts for a third of all accidental damage arising from car collisions. Head-on accidents are not very common. But, rear-end accidents typically end up damaging other cars. The front bumper is susceptible to damage caused by collisions with icy snowbanks, property etc. Once the front bumper cracks in a collision, the crack will only become wider with time.
  • The Headlights: Headlights usually comprise a rigid variety of plastic material. In addition, their location at either edge of the front of the vehicle makes them prone to damage.
  • The Fenders: A car’s fenders will not be as delicate as the headlights. But, collisions with fences, garage doors etc. could cause some damage. In many cases, side-on collisions inflict the maximum damage on fenders.
  • The Car Grilles: Many drivers tend to swerve their cars to reduce the impact of the collision. This is why the car grille does not experience as much damage as the fender. Nonetheless, damage to the grilles is still one of the most common requirements in Ford or Honda smash repair
  • The Wheels: The location of the wheels,e. in all the four corners of a car, makes them particularly vulnerable in a collision. They can also experience damage from a variety of other causes such as nails, potholes, debris lying on the road etc.