As mentioned earlier, following an accident, the vehicle owner will need to notify the insurance company about the accident. However, this might not be necessary in all cases. In some cases, the damage to the vehicle might not be much. As such, the vehicle owner might feel that the repairs might not be very costly. In such cases, the vehicle owner will bear the expenses for repairing the vehicle. In addition, not many vehicle owners would want to lose out on their No Claims Bonus (NCB). This is especially so if the damage is purely superficial in nature. Thus, they will not report the incident or file a claim with their insurance company.

However, in case the vehicle owner does decide to report the collision to the insurer, they will require the owner to visit an affiliated body repair shop. The professionals in these facilities will give the vehicle a thorough inspection. Thereafter, they will detail all the repairs that the vehicle requires. Along with the list of repairs, they will prepare an itemised estimate. The vehicle owner will need to provide this estimate to the insurance company. In case the repairs are viable, the insurance company will cover them. However, they will deduct the excess amount (or the deductible) from the overall bill before making any payment.

Once the insurance company approves the estimate, the vehicle owner can commence the process of getting the vehicle repaired. Some reputed insurance companies provide their policyholders with rental cars until the time their vehicles are roadworthy again. This is particularly so because the Prestige smash repairs might consume a fair bit of time. A vast majority of accidents typically damage the body of the vehicle. In this scenario, you might need the body shop to carry out some auto paint repairs. Similarly, if your car has sustained bumper damage, you will require car body repair services as well.

It is worth highlighting that not all body repair shops are equal. Many repair shops will make various claims about the kinds of services they offer and their lower pricing models. But, the fact remains that you will not be able to ascertain the quality of their work with merely a cursory glance. You will need to find a professional outfit that you can trust for carrying out auto paint and car body repairs. In addition, you will require the repair technicians to provide high quality repairs while adhering to their estimated timelines.

This is why it’s not worthwhile to drop your vehicle off at the first repair shop that you come across. Instead, if you’re unaware of any reputed body repair shops in your neighbourhood, opt for the one that your insurance company recommends. In many cases, these repair shops will offer high quality repair work at affordable rates. More importantly, they will offer warranties that testify to the quality of their work. When you want to drive a vehicle that is roadworthy and does not compromise your safety, this could be the best recourse on offer.