Using their vehicles each time they need to go somewhere is something that many car owners do without thinking. This highlights the importance of a car in contemporary times. Without a vehicle, you might well have to rely on public transport. Not all places offer superb levels of connectivity to the public transport grid. But, even in places where you can rely on public transport, the fact that you can go anywhere you want to, makes owning a car highly convenient. Having said that, you will need to take good care of your vehicle too. Only then will it last you for years. So, you will need to ensure that you service and maintain the vehicle regularly. In addition, you will need to give it a good wash each week or so.

Some people leave their vehicles at carwash facilities. These facilities typically give the car a quick clean-up. However, not all carwash companies offer car detailing services. Many people might make the mistake of thinking that a car wash and a car detailing denote the same thing. However, this is not true. A car wash will usually involve cleaning the exterior of the car with water. In some cases, carwash companies could vacuum the interiors of the car too. But, car detailing typically refers to a more comprehensive clean-up involving the interior and the exterior of the car. Many Allianz and Prestige car repair companies offer car detailing services these days, in addition to their regular services.

A typical car wash will only provide a fraction of the cleaning that your car needs. As a result, a car wash is much cheaper than a car detailing. Because it only covers a small portion of the vehicle, the cost and the outcome are much lesser. In contrast, a car detailing is both, more thorough and comprehensive. A typical car detailing involves interior detailing and exterior detailing. In the former, the professionals will vacuum and shampoo the upholstery within the car thoroughly. This will get rid of all the stains and dirt accumulated over time. Some cars usually feature leatherwork in the interiors. To remove the dirt ingrained in the leatherwork, car detailing professionals will condition and scrub the car. Similarly, they will clean and dress plastic and vinyl material inside the car. Lastly, they will clean and polish the glass in the interiors of the car.

Car exteriors endure a lot each time you use the car. Hence, they get the lion’s share of the attention from car detailing professionals. These professionals give the car exteriors an exhaustive wash to remove as much dirt as possible. The detailers allow the soap to foam. This helps in softening the dirt and mud, which makes them easier to get rid of. It goes without saying that the wheels of a car are invariably the dirtiest parts of the car. So, car detailing professionals will remove the dust from the wheels, brake callipers and lug nuts with the help of special brushes and wheel cleaning products. Following this, the car detailers will wash the paintwork using washing mittens and soft microfibre towels. Thereafter, they will use automotive clay bar for claying the paintwork. This is instrumental for removing the tightly bonded dirt that has adhered to the surface of the car.

Some smash repair companies in Marrickville and other places also include minor repairing jobs in their car detailing services. So, as and when needed, car detailers will polish the paint to remove any light scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. Polishing the paintwork could be a manual activity. On occasions, the detailers could use a polishing machine as well. In many cases, this is the activity that consumes the most time in car detailing. However, the time taken for carrying out this activity will also depend on the state of the car and its paintwork. Lastly, the detailers will wax the paint to give it an additional protective layer. The wax used will give the car a sleeker and glossier look. The end of the detailing exercise involves cleaning the remaining exterior parts e.g. the windows and other rubber components. Detailers will polish and methodically clean these parts. Thereafter, they will apply the finishing touches needed in all corners of the car’s body.