Car detailing services are a dime a dozen in Australia. But, not all of them offer the same set of services. This is primarily because no guidebook or rules apply on the activities that constitute car detailing services. Hence, the scope of detailing services provided by collision repair companies will inevitably vary from one service provider to another. To cite an example, some car detailing companies clean the engine bay. However, many car owners don’t mind if their car detailers do not clean the engine bay. In some cases, this is because the owners do not mind what their vehicle looks like beneath the hood. In others, they feel that only professional mechanics should clean the engine bay.

Yet, having car detailers clean the engine bay can be beneficial. It could make it easier to identify and resolve any problems with the engine. And, if you plan to sell the vehicle soon, it might be worthwhile to let the detailers clean the engine. A vehicle with a clean engine bay will easily fetch you a better price than the one you have in mind. Besides these, there are various other benefits that you could derive by giving your car a thorough detailing. You could end up:

  • Enhancing the Value of Your Vehicle: As mentioned earlier, car detailing can make any car look glossier and sleeker. Depending on the condition of the car and its paintwork, car detailing could make your vehicle look as good as new. So, if you can keep your car in a good condition, it could fetch you a better price when you put it up for sale. This is especially true about older or classic vehicles. Buyers will usually not mind paying a higher price for a car that looks as good as new as opposed to a car that requires detailing.
  • Giving Your Vehicle Additional Protection from the Elements: Not all car owners can afford sheltered garages to keep their vehicles safe from the elements. And, if you’re travelling, you might not always be able to find a place where you can park your car in a sheltered facility. Prolonged exposure to the elements can lead to the manifestation of several wear and tear issues. Even in sheltered parking areas, cars remain exposed to icy or scorching winds, dirt, dust etc. Car detailing provides additional level of protection against the elements. Detailers will routinely apply a wax coat to the exterior painted surface. This helps in protecting the finish of the vehicle from contamination and oxidation.
  • Having Various Latent Car-Related Concerns Addressed: Many REAL and Zurich smash repair facilities offer car detailing services in Australia. Detailing jobs typically involve giving the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle a thorough cleaning and repairing. However, they also include taking care of any minor repair work as well. As the professionals examine and detail your car, they could come across various issues that might affect the performance and functionality of the vehicle. So, instead of having to deal with a sudden breakdown, a car detailing could enable you to fix problems proactively.

It is worth mentioning that the cost of a car detailing will depend on the type of car you have. In addition, the kind of detailing services you need will also exert an influence on the overall cost of the detailing. For instance, if you require additional services such as clay bar treatment, leather conditioning and pet hair removal, you will need to pay more. Similarly, if you opt for mobile car detailing services, you will need to pay more. This is because the car detailers will visit your location at a convenient time instead of your having to deposit the car at their facility.