Not many people can do without their vehicles for even a day. As such, being involved in a car accident can be quite vexing. If the car ends up sustaining significant amount of damages, you’ll likely need to hire a car for managing your daily needs. But, even minor damage to your car might necessitate your having to leave it at a reputed repair shop for some time. Even if you’re not involved in a car accident or collision, you’ll need to get your car serviced. After all, the longer you use your car, the more it will experience various wear and tear issues. Some decades back, even regular servicing jobs were sufficient for putting your car out of action for a few weeks at least. This is not the case nowadays. This is because technological advancements have come about, which have transformed the manner in which body repair shops carry out repair and servicing jobs.

Some of the most recent techniques to have emerged for repairing vehicles in the automotive sector include:

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR): When one car collides with another car (or surface), dents will result. In the past, repairing such dents was quite a labour intensive process. With PDR techniques, this is no longer the case. PDR specialists typically press, knead and rub down the areas with dents. For dents in hard-to-reach areas, they use various fill and spray methods.


  • Auto Paint Match: Repainting the entire body of the car is necessary if you want to remove the graphics from it or any visible dents. Repair technicians typically use a photo spectrometer for evaluating the original colour of the car. Thereafter, they do a computerised auto paint colour match to determine the colour that will match the original colour perfectly. After the completion of such a paint job, your car will look as good as new.


  • Body Frame Straightening: Accidents and collisions could leave traces of lateral and longitudinal damage on the car. To deal with such smash repairs in Sydney and other cities, repair technicians will typically use a computerise system that uses ultrasound technology. This system will provide accurate measurements of the problems with the alignment of the frame. Thereafter, it will use laser technology to restore the frame to its original state.


  • SMART Repairs: For dealing with non-structural damages, SMART repairs are the way to go. With the help of simple equipment, technicians will be able to eliminate minor dents and scratches with minimal fuss. In many cases, auto body shops offer mobile SMART repair services too. As such, you won’t need to visit the body shop for depositing your car. Instead, the technicians will be able to provide onsite repair services.