Car collisions and accidents can take place at any time of the day in any place. They will almost always be unexpected. This is so even if you’re one of the safest drivers in the country. Each day, people purchase hundreds of cars across Australia. The more cars that people purchase will result in a higher number of vehicles plying on Australian roads. And, the higher the number of vehicles that ply on roads, the greater will be the likelihood of a collision taking place. The irony is that you could find yourself involved in a car accident, even if you do not own a car.The higher number of vehicles on the roads has resulted in an increase in the number of car collisions in the country. But, a vast majority of these collisions are minor in nature. In other words, most of these collisions would have resulted in superficial damage to the car and minor injuries to the people in the cars involved. The safety norms and regulations implemented by the government could be responsible for the reduced number of fatalities in car collisions. In addition, car manufacturing companies are enhancing safety levels by producing cars with an assortment of safety features. These safety features, ranging from airbags to fog lights, have helped in keeping the number of fatal road accidents low.

Some of the most common reasons for car collisions include:

  • Drinking while Driving: Incidents of drunk driving account for a large number of car crashes. Drunk drivers usually have slower response times. Their minds cannot function with as much precision as they usually would. So, when these individuals need to act promptly, their slow reactions often result in crashes. It is worth mentioning that many drunk drivers think nothing of driving their vehicles at high speeds. In some cases, they might even race with other drivers. This will inevitably necessitate the need for CGU or Honda smash repairs.
  • Paying Little or No Attention: Some drivers spend their time at the wheel texting or calling other people. Alternatively, they might be paying more attention to the stereo in their cars. Thus, their attention will always remain diverted from focusing on the road.
  • Young or Reckless Drivers: The need to experience thrills of some kind drive many young people towards driving recklessly on the roads. They usually do this to impress their friends. In many cases, they will drive without a licence and without insurance too.
  • Poor Visibility Conditions: Many accidents occur at night. The poor visibility conditions could make it hard for you to see oncoming traffic and vice versa. This is why it is imperative to ensure that your headlights and indicators are working perfectly.
  • Not Maintaining Your Car Properly: Car manufacturers recommend that car owners get their cars serviced regularly. Regular servicing and maintenance can keep your car’s wheels and brakes in prime condition. This can negate the chances of brake failure and engine malfunctions.