What Kinds of Accident Repairs Can SMART Repair Technicians Typically Carry Out?

Each day, numerous vehicular collisions take place in Australia. A vast majority of these, however, are minor in nature. In these collisions, the people within the car will usually not suffer anything more painful than a few scratches, if at all. Similarly, the vehicles involved in the collision will continue to remain roadworthy too. However, the impact of the collision will certainly leave behind some marks and scratches on the body of the car. Automotive experts recommend that car owners visit their nearest repair shops in the aftermath of a collision. This is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe for use after the collision. But, if the vehicle has only sustained superficial damage, you could consider deferring the repairs to a more suitable time.


In case the damage is superficial, you might find the auto body shop offering Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) repair services. The SMART system emerged to provide speedy and cost-effective repair services to vehicles involved in collisions. This system typically focused on damage to the body of the car. In particular, it focused on repairing damage in small localised areas of the car. Because the repair work only involves a small area, the time taken for the repairs and the ensuing expenses will tend to be low.


SMART repairs are ideal only for remedying cosmetic damage to the vehicle. Thus, these repairs will typically remain confined to services such as:


  • Chip and Scuff Repairs: These repairs will usually involve resolving any damage to the paintwork. SMART repair technicians will employ paint-matching techniques to ensure that the repaired panels match the colour of the rest of the panels of the car. This will serve to make the damaged area hard to identify after the repairs are complete.
  • Paintless Dent Removals (PDR): Removing a dent following a collision is not easy. If the repair specialists are not careful, they could end up damaging the car even more. SMART repair specialists use specialised tools for removing the dent, without having to repaint the body of the car.
  • Glass Repairs: If ignored, windscreen chips and cracks could spread and become dangerous. But, the local body shop will be able to remedy this problem with minimal fuss.
  • Interior Repairs: Car seats and upholstery can sustain damage over time. The use of cigarettes in the car could leave burn marks on the seats. Similarly, door panels and the upholstery could wear out from frequent use. SMART technology can provide a speedy resolution to such issues.
  • Alloy Wheel Repairs: Alloy wheels could sustain damage when they come in contact with potholes, curbs etc. Prolonged and sustained impact could end up discolouring the wheels. In some cases, corrosion could take place too. SMART repair specialists can give your alloy wheels a fresh lease of life.