How Do SMART Repairs Work?

Driving a new and spotless car can be an enjoyable prospect. Unfortunately, cars seldom continue to look as good as new. With the passage of time, a series of blemishes and scratches can appear on account of collisions and accidents. In addition, various wear and tear problems could emerge over time as well. These will invariably detract from the look and, in some cases, the performance of the vehicle. For many people, the most common recourse in these situations is to take the car to the local body shop for repair. But, this will necessitate leaving the car behind at the shop for a week, if not longer. In addition, the lengthy repair processes will keep escalating the repair costs considerably.


The advent of Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) repair methods has altered the situation significantly. These techniques enable repair technicians to repair vehicles with superficial damages in a fraction of the time that a regular body shop will take. More importantly, the repair expenses will not be exorbitant as well.


At a local body shop, the repair workers will focus on blending the repaired panels with the undamaged ones. This is a time-consuming and costly process. In contrast, skilled technicians will typically mix and match paint at the facility to arrive at the perfect colour combination. As a result, the repaired panels will be of the same shade as the unaffected panels of the vehicle.


When you visit the local repair shop for CGU or Prestige smash repairs, the repair technicians will initially inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Only then will they assess whether they will be able to repair the vehicle with SMART repair processes. So, if your vehicle only features a few dents where the paintwork is fine, the repair workers will be able to employ SMART repair processes. In this scenario, they will manipulate the damaged area gently to remove the dent. This Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) process eliminates the need for using paint and fillers.


At the outset, it is worth highlighting that SMART repairs can only remedy cosmetic damage. This could include removing dents and scratch marks from the body of the vehicle. In collisions, vehicles could suffer damage that is more extensive. In this scenario, SMART repairs will not be able to restore the look and the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Thus, you will need to take your vehicle to the nearest car repair facility.


So, if your car features dents that have damaged the paintwork, the repair technicians will need to use fillers and paints. They will sand down the damaged area of the car. Then, they will reduce the dent with a dent pulling machine. Following this, they will apply a small amount of filler and leave it to dry. Thereafter, they will sand down the area again before spray painting, lacquering and polishing the car.


What Does the Process of Giving Your Vehicle to a Body Repair Shop for Collision Repairs Typically Involve?

As mentioned earlier, following an accident, the vehicle owner will need to notify the insurance company about the accident. However, this might not be necessary in all cases. In some cases, the damage to the vehicle might not be much. As such, the vehicle owner might feel that the repairs might not be very costly. In such cases, the vehicle owner will bear the expenses for repairing the vehicle. In addition, not many vehicle owners would want to lose out on their No Claims Bonus (NCB). This is especially so if the damage is purely superficial in nature. Thus, they will not report the incident or file a claim with their insurance company.

However, in case the vehicle owner does decide to report the collision to the insurer, they will require the owner to visit an affiliated body repair shop. The professionals in these facilities will give the vehicle a thorough inspection. Thereafter, they will detail all the repairs that the vehicle requires. Along with the list of repairs, they will prepare an itemised estimate. The vehicle owner will need to provide this estimate to the insurance company. In case the repairs are viable, the insurance company will cover them. However, they will deduct the excess amount (or the deductible) from the overall bill before making any payment.

Once the insurance company approves the estimate, the vehicle owner can commence the process of getting the vehicle repaired. Some reputed insurance companies provide their policyholders with rental cars until the time their vehicles are roadworthy again. This is particularly so because the Prestige smash repairs might consume a fair bit of time. A vast majority of accidents typically damage the body of the vehicle. In this scenario, you might need the body shop to carry out some auto paint repairs. Similarly, if your car has sustained bumper damage, you will require car body repair services as well.

It is worth highlighting that not all body repair shops are equal. Many repair shops will make various claims about the kinds of services they offer and their lower pricing models. But, the fact remains that you will not be able to ascertain the quality of their work with merely a cursory glance. You will need to find a professional outfit that you can trust for carrying out auto paint and car body repairs. In addition, you will require the repair technicians to provide high quality repairs while adhering to their estimated timelines.

This is why it’s not worthwhile to drop your vehicle off at the first repair shop that you come across. Instead, if you’re unaware of any reputed body repair shops in your neighbourhood, opt for the one that your insurance company recommends. In many cases, these repair shops will offer high quality repair work at affordable rates. More importantly, they will offer warranties that testify to the quality of their work. When you want to drive a vehicle that is roadworthy and does not compromise your safety, this could be the best recourse on offer.

What is the Best Way by Which You (as a Vehicle Owner) Can Assess the Damage to Your Vehicle?

When a vehicle sustains damage in a collision, the people in it will typically be in a state of shock. In this frame of mind, they will hardly be able to gather their thoughts and be coherent. Similarly, they will probably not be in any condition to think in a clear and logical manner. In many cases, vehicular collisions will affect the body of the vehicle. Some collisions produce superficial damage. For instance, you might need to rid your car of some scratches and dents. Or, you might need to repair a broken bumper. In contrast, other collision impacts could well compromise the structural integrity of your car. Regardless of the damage your car has sustained, you will be aware that it needs CGU or Prestige smash repairs. Thus, you will need to ensure that you’re aware of the extent of damage. Knowing this would enable you to estimate the total cost of restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident state.

Many people simply deposit their vehicles at automotive repair and body shops for examination and repairs. The professionals at these shops inspect the vehicles thoroughly. Thereafter, they provide estimates detailing the damages and the cost of carrying out the appropriate repairs. However, if you’re keen to envisage the extent of damage by yourself:

  • Note down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle – you will usually find this inside the driver’s door frame when the door is open or at the bottom of the windshield directly in front of the driver
  • Note down the car’s make, model, model year and the body style (such as sedan, wagon etc.)
  • Take pictures of the affected area – from a straight-on angle as well as from an aerial view – and document the damage
  • For every kind of damage that you come across, specify the necessary corrective actions
    • For instance, if your car’s wheels have sustained damage, your corrective action could include brake servicing, wheel alignment and tyre balancing
  • Inspect the parts of the car that will require replacement rather than repairing
    • Don’t forget to include parts that the impact of the collision has not affected directly
  • Specify all the other non-repair costs that you might incur during the SMART repairs process such as vehicle storage and towing expenses etc.

What Does Any Vehicular Collision Repair Process Typically Involve?

It is bad enough for anyone to be involved in any kind of car accident or collision. Going through an experience like this can be quite unnerving or shocking. But, the process of getting your car repaired and back in working order can be even more tiresome. If you’ll be depositing your car at a body repair shop, you will need to find an alternative means of transport. This is a process by itself. Then, you’ll need to liaise with the repair technicians and the insurance company as well. This consumes so much time and effort that many people end up feeling intimidated by the entire ordeal.

To eliminate such hassles, it is always better to consider Prestige smash repairs in a reputed and reliable body shop. These professionals usually have immense experience in dealing with all kinds of collisions and damages. As such, they will not only walk you through the entire process. In many cases, they will even liaise with the insurance company for carrying out the relevant repairs.

When you take your car to the repair shop, the technician will examine the vehicle thoroughly. Based on the inspection, the technician will itemise the repairs needed and provide an estimate for the same. The estimate will not merely specify the repair work needed and the cost for each kind of repair. Some collision repair shops even provide an estimate of the time needed for carrying out the repair work.

It is worth mentioning that not all vehicular damage might be apparent initially. Some damages might only come to light when the repair technician disassembles the car. As such, these body shops will only provide an official report once they have identified all the damage to the car. This report typically forms the blueprint for restoring the car to its pre-accident state.

The insurance company, in conjunction with you, will scan the estimate and approve the work. This approval leads to the commencement of the repair process. The technicians will disassemble the vehicle and identify the damages thoroughly. For frame damages, these professionals will use specialised machinery. This equipment is necessary for verifying and recording the condition of the frame. After replacing or repairing the damaged panels, your car will move to the paint shop. Here, the painting specialists will prime, sand and seal the vehicle first. They will then closely match the paint to the original shade before commencing the paintwork. This will ensure that the repaired area is virtually undistinguishable from the rest of the car.

Once the body shop has carried out the necessary CGU or Ford smash repairs, it will reassemble the vehicle. This will typically involve adding all the trim pieces and decals. It will involve repairing or replacing the glass damage as well. Among other things, the repair technicians will also inspect the alignment of the wheels and tyres. If found to be awry, the technicians will make the necessary adjustments. The final stage of repairs will involve inspecting the vehicle to ensure that it’s interiors and exteriors are in perfect shape. As such, the technicians will wash away all the accumulated dust and debris. They will polish the new paint to give it an additional lustre. Finally, they will carry out a road test to check the roadworthiness of the repaired vehicle.

How Do SMART Repairs Typically Work?

When you bring in your car for SMART repairs, the technicians at the shop will examine the car. A thorough inspection of the car will help the technicians ascertain the amount of work that the car requires. In some cases, your car might feature a minor dent that has not as yet affected the paintwork. In this situation, the repair specialists might consider using paintless dent repair techniques for remedying the issue. For this, they will manipulate the damaged area gently for eliminating the dent. More importantly, they will not use filler or paint for resolving this issue.

Similarly, if they find that the collision has ended up ruining the paintwork, they will use filler and paint. To resolve the issue, the panel beaters will sand the damaged area and fill it before drying it with a heater. Following this, the experts at prestige smash repairs will rub the area down before spray painting it. Then, they will apply the appropriate lacquer and polish so that the damaged vehicle looks as good as new. It is worth highlighting that SMART repairers often use paints that are virtually identical to the colour that the older portions of the car feature. As such, you won’t need to repaint the entire car after the completion of SMART repairs. Repainting the entire car could cost you a lot of money.

Can Auto Body Shops Provide Assistance with Any Custom Work You Require in Your Vehicle?

When you think of auto body shops, you will typically think of facilities where you take your car for repairs. As such, when you require Prestige smash repairs, you won’t visit any other facility other than your preferred body shop. The specialists in these facilities will soon be able to set right any damages to your vehicle. They are adept at providing minor touch-ups for any scratches or dents on your vehicle. In addition, they can take care of more extensive damage as well. But, many people fail to note that many auto body shops can carry out any custom work in vehicles too.

Custom automotive work typically comprises of a diverse range of activities. From installing body kits to painting cars, custom automotive work could comprise of almost any activity pertaining to the vehicle. It goes without saying that any reputed body shop would be able to carry out the custom work you require in your vehicle. At the same time, it is worth highlighting that many auto body shops tend to specialise in certain kinds of activities and jobs. Therefore, once you know the kind of work you want in your car, ascertain whether the auto body shops in the vicinity can perform the activity. Some high-end cars might require special tools or mechanical knowledge. Jobs involving these cars could well be out of the depth of many regular body shops. Hence, having an affirmative answer could make it easier for you to select the right body shop for your custom work.

In many cases, the local body shop will be able to carry out most custom automotive work that you have in mind. Despite this, you will need to do your homework well. For instance, check the workload of the auto body shop in question. If they are full of customers at most times during the day, then you might have to wait for some time before they complete the job. Similarly, check whether there have been any complaints about the body shop as well. Online forums and review sites will reveal the satisfaction levels of customers who have used the services of the body shop previously. Once you’ve finalised the body shop, ask for a clear estimate. In addition, check whether the professionals would need to carry out any add-on work as well. This would set in stone the work that the body shop will carry out as well as the amount that you would need to pay. This could be your best method for avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

How Do Auto Body Shops Assess the Damage to a Vehicle Involved in a Collision?

Experts in Prestige smash repairs have extensive experience in assessing the damage that results from a collision. This is of great significance in severe accidents. The likelihood of damage concealed beneath the vehicle’s exterior in severe accidents remains high. Some damage could make the vehicle unsafe. For instance, small stress fractures and bends in the chassis could lead to subsequent accidents in the future. Alternatively, they might result in costly repairs in the future.

It is worth highlighting that inspecting the exterior damages is only half the battle. Mechanics will need to inspect the vehicle to check for damage that could make the vehicle unsafe as well. This would involve inspecting the vehicle for damage to the chassis, the suspension and other mechanical components. Hence, auto mechanics know that they need to assess all the damage carefully.

To ensure that they carry out an extensive appraisal of the damage to the vehicle, these mechanics do not merely rely on their skills and experience. Instead, they review the circumstances of the accident as well. Doing this enables them to anticipate the components of the vehicle that might have sustained some damage. Lastly, they will utilise certain advanced diagnostic tools too. These tools would make it easier for them to identify any underlying damage resulting from the collision.