Auto Body Shop – Choosing the right Car Insurance

Anyone who drives a car is required by law to have car insurance. However, the type of insurance, price and levels of coverage can greatly vary from one provider to the next. In case you end up in a situation where your vehicle needs Honda smash repairs, having the best car insurance would mean less burden on your wallet.

In case you need to take your car to the auto body shop for inner city smash repairs, it is recommended to have one of the three levels of car insurance viz. Third Party Insurance, Third party fire and theft insurance and Comprehensive Insurance.

Depending on the value of your car, your budget and preferences, you can choose the particular type of insurance cover. The insurance rates are affected by the age, model and make of your car along with driver’s experience, previous claims and any driving offences.

What Are Some of the Most Common Reasons that Necessitate Honda and CGU Smash Repairs?

Car collisions and accidents can take place at any time of the day in any place. They will almost always be unexpected. This is so even if you’re one of the safest drivers in the country. Each day, people purchase hundreds of cars across Australia. The more cars that people purchase will result in a higher number of vehicles plying on Australian roads. And, the higher the number of vehicles that ply on roads, the greater will be the likelihood of a collision taking place. The irony is that you could find yourself involved in a car accident, even if you do not own a car.The higher number of vehicles on the roads has resulted in an increase in the number of car collisions in the country. But, a vast majority of these collisions are minor in nature. In other words, most of these collisions would have resulted in superficial damage to the car and minor injuries to the people in the cars involved. The safety norms and regulations implemented by the government could be responsible for the reduced number of fatalities in car collisions. In addition, car manufacturing companies are enhancing safety levels by producing cars with an assortment of safety features. These safety features, ranging from airbags to fog lights, have helped in keeping the number of fatal road accidents low.

Some of the most common reasons for car collisions include:

  • Drinking while Driving: Incidents of drunk driving account for a large number of car crashes. Drunk drivers usually have slower response times. Their minds cannot function with as much precision as they usually would. So, when these individuals need to act promptly, their slow reactions often result in crashes. It is worth mentioning that many drunk drivers think nothing of driving their vehicles at high speeds. In some cases, they might even race with other drivers. This will inevitably necessitate the need for CGU or Honda smash repairs.
  • Paying Little or No Attention: Some drivers spend their time at the wheel texting or calling other people. Alternatively, they might be paying more attention to the stereo in their cars. Thus, their attention will always remain diverted from focusing on the road.
  • Young or Reckless Drivers: The need to experience thrills of some kind drive many young people towards driving recklessly on the roads. They usually do this to impress their friends. In many cases, they will drive without a licence and without insurance too.
  • Poor Visibility Conditions: Many accidents occur at night. The poor visibility conditions could make it hard for you to see oncoming traffic and vice versa. This is why it is imperative to ensure that your headlights and indicators are working perfectly.
  • Not Maintaining Your Car Properly: Car manufacturers recommend that car owners get their cars serviced regularly. Regular servicing and maintenance can keep your car’s wheels and brakes in prime condition. This can negate the chances of brake failure and engine malfunctions.

Choose the Right Collision Repair Experts

Auto electrical issues can negatively impact the overall performance of your vehicle. Thus, they need to be addressed quickly and properly. Doing so will ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for Peugeot smash repairs or Honda smash repairs (or smash repairs for any other brand of vehicle) be sure that a comprehensive auto electrical damage diagnosis and repair is part of the package.

For high quality collision repair service at reasonable rates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up through our telephone line at (02) 9569 7277. You can also leave a message in our Contact Us page. In addition, you can avail of a free estimate by heading to our Free Quote page. For all your Sydney smash repairs needs, you can count on Marrickville Prestige Smash repairs to be there for you.

Car Detailing: Other Considerations

Protection from the Elements

Aside from keeping your vehicle healthy and sanitary, another important reason why you should bring your vehicle for auto detailing is to give it more protection against the elements. As you drive your vehicle, you are exposing it to a variety of harmful elements that can harm its cosmetic appeal. The ultra violet rays from the sun, acid rain, road salt and others can negatively affect your vehicle’s appearance and make it look old and worn.

All vehicles come with a clear coat finish which is said to provide protection for your vehicle’s paint, but a clear coat can only do so much. It is still necessary that you have your vehicle waxed at least twice a year. Good quality wax applied by professional and experienced auto detailers will not only help your vehicle’s paint look a lot glossier and shinier, but it also helps to protect your vehicle’s paint from oxidation and contaminants and keeps it from looking faded.

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

With the exception of a few vehicle owners, we can’t always expect keep and use the same vehicle forever. Inevitably, we’ll have to sell our old vehicles or trade them in for a new and more efficient one. However, selling or trading your vehicle isn’t always an easy process, and that’s not just the paperwork and documentation, but also the difficulty of finding a buyer who’s willing to pay you the price you want.

Vehicles coated with dirt and grime both on the outside and the inside do not only sell for less, but rarely gets sold at all. In general, knowledgeable vehicle buyers associate a dirty exterior and interior with lack of responsibility and regular maintenance, and thus form the impression that other important components of the vehicle like the engine are also neglected.  These are often reasons enough for a prospective vehicle buyer to be hesitant when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle. The buyer becomes even more hesitant if the car just obviously came from collision repairs like CGU smash repairs, Ford smash repairs, or Honda smash repairs.

On the other hand, a clean and crisp looking vehicle both inside and out gives the buyer an impression that the vehicle is well-maintained and cared for, thus making it easier for you to sell it. Thus, consider bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop for auto detailing prior to the sale. When your vehicle’s wheels, rims and upholstery looks to be in mint condition, you should have very little trouble selling the car, and you may even sell it at a higher price than you first intended.

What Are SMART Repairs?

For the uninitiated, SMART repairs denote Small-to-Medium Area Repair Technology repairs. This repair process emerged during the last two decades. It refers to the process of repairing cars with the help of various specialised tools and procedures such as high-tech paint etc. When used to fix small areas of damage, SMART repairs can be extremely worthwhile. In particular, you should consider SMART repairs when the damaged area is less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper. However, be mindful that SMART repairs are ideal for dealing with non-structural damage only.

When people take their vehicles to body shops for repairs, they would typically end up paying significant amounts of money for relatively small repairs. The emergence of SMART repairs transformed this scenario. For minor repairs such as stone-chip repairs, bumper repairs and dent repairs, people only needed to pay a fraction of the costs. Previously, repair technicians typically carried out all bodywork restoration with traditional equipment and techniques. As such, even if the damaged area was small, they would spend time in repairing and painting all (or the adjoining) panels. With time, the scope of SMART repairs increased as well. Today, many body repair shops carry out interior trim repairs, windscreen repairs and alloy wheel repairs as part of their SMART repair services.

The SMART repair system initially began as an alternative for full re-sprays for chipped paintwork. With the passage of time, it evolved into an entirely new discipline, which was quite different from conventional body shop repair techniques. All aspects of SMART repairs focus on small, concentrated areas of cosmetic bodywork and interior damage. As such, it can remedy issues such as scratched, chipped and dented paintwork in the body of the car. And, it can resolve issues concerning damaged bumpers and scuffed or kerbed alloys.

SMART repair techniques typically focus on micro repair as opposed to macro repair. Moreover, they do not require specialist environments and expensive machinery. This is why the repair work will not consume much time. In addition, it will be quite cheap too. In many cases, SMART repair technicians can complete Ford or Honda smash repairs within a few hours. This is why many vehicle owners throughout the country are taking to this method of car repairs in Australia.

How Can You Check the Quality Levels of the Inner City Smash Repairs Performed on Your Vehicle?

A number of people merely use their cars for commuting and carrying out other errands. They will typically possess some fundamental knowledge about their vehicles. But, in the event of a collision, it’s unlikely that they would be able to check the quality of the repairs carried out. This is why many people are afraid of being swindled by auto mechanics. To guard against this, it is imperative for vehicle owners to inspect their vehicles after the completion of repairs. This would enable them to ensure that they’re getting the best value for their money. More importantly, it would help them feel confident when they use the vehicle on the roads. Failure to do this could end up compromising their own levels of safety.

Once the body shop has carried out CGU or Honda smash repairs, you will need to:

  • Ensure that the seams have been lined up properly on the vehicle
  • Check that the seams are evenly spaced, with parallel lines emanating from the adjacent parts
  • Ensure that the repair technicians have not been indiscriminate in using shims i.e. small metallic spacers that technicians often use between parts, as numerous shims could indicate improper levels of structural repair
  • Ascertain that the repair mechanics have not used excess levels of seam sealer, which could indicate a sloppy repair job

Can all dents be removed?

In most cases, dings and dents can be repaired with paint less dent removal; however, there are certain types of damage which is beyond the capacity of PDR, even a skilled and experienced PDR technician for that matter. Dings and dents which are relatively shallow can be repaired with PDR, but if the damage is too deep, then PDR wouldn’t work. For instance, a deep dent on your Honda Civic, which looks like a puncture (even if there is no actual hole in the damaged area) is not really suitable for PDR, even if the paint job and the metal is still intact. Also, if the dent is caused by a solid collision, PDR will also not be applicable, in which case you’d be looking at a Honda smash repairs service instead. Still you will want to talk to a qualified PDR technician in order to determine which types of dings and dents can be fixed with PDR.

Honda smash repairs – Avoid Drowsy driving

When you are behind the wheels and experiencing any signs of drowsiness, it is extremely important to pull off the road and get some rest before you end up in an accident or collision. Avoid drowsy driving to prevent cases of Honda smash repairs.
There are several safe driving tips which can help in preventing drowsy driving and hence ensure that you never need Honda smash repairs because of drowsy driving. Get plenty of sleep before you drive to ensure that you can focus on the roads when you drive. For people working in shifts it is important that you have a proper sleep routine.
There are some medications which can induce drowsiness which is why it is important to speak to your health care provider to know about alternatives which can prevent drowsiness. For the best Honda smash repairs, it is always recommended to seek professional help from repair specialists who are trained to assess vehicle damage and coordinate necessary repairs.

Honda smash repairs – Important Road Safety Checklist

Better Safe than Sorry! Although it’s a fact that we cannot completely rule out accidents out of the equation, however with important safety checks in place, we can definitely reduce the chances of accidents. The need for Honda smash repairs can be greatly reduced by adhering to the below mentioned important road safety guidelines.
Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. This gives the driver complete control over his vehicle so that he can manoeuvre the vehicle easily.
Always park your vehicle in a sheltered location to avoid chances of damage in case of hailstorms, or debris falling from buildings.
Treat your car with love. Don’t slam the doors hard because it can cause damage to your windows and windshield.
Replace damaged wipers immediately because they can result in scratches on the windshield.
Once you adhere to the above basic safety checks, you improve your chances of not needing Honda smash repairs.