How Can You Save Money on Your CGU or Honda Smash Repairs?

Not many people feel satisfied with their car repair companies. This is primarily because these companies take inordinately long to complete even the most straightforward repairs. This is not surprising in a way because the company might be one of the best in the given sector. But, the long queue of cars awaiting repairs can increase the time it takes to repair your car. This will inevitably mean that you might not be able to use your vehicle for a lengthy span of time. In addition, situations could arise where you find that a repair job that you expected would be inexpensive, turns out to be anything but. To eliminate such hassles, many car owners avoid leaving their vehicles at the repair shop in the vicinity – unless the car requires major repair work.


The prohibitive costs of car repairs make people consider the value of purchasing car insurance. Having a valid auto insurance policy can help meet the expenses of repairs brought on by a collision. However, it is worth mentioning that insurance premiums will invariably increase after an expensive car smash repair. This is especially so in case you happen to be the driver at fault. In this scenario, you will want to consider ways by which you can minimise your car repair expenses.


Some of the ways by which you would be able to curtail your car repair expenses in the aftermath of a collision include:


  • Cleaning and maintaining your car regularly, particularly with regards to having quality tyre treads, well-oiled motors and clean interiors
  • Adhering to the car maintenance schedule outlined in the car manual
  • Changing the fluids, filters and spark plugs in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer
  • Upgrading your motor oil to a high-performance synthetic oil that can enhance the performance of your vehicle
  • Keeping your tyres inflated properly to minimise excessive wear and tear and thereby, prevent blow-outs from taking place
  • Visiting the local repair facility that provides Honda or Ford smash repair services to check the pressure in the tyres
  • Consulting your car repair specialist in case you hear the car emitting unusual noises or sounds
  • Identifying a reputed and established car repair facility for repairing your car and,
  • Obtaining hardcopy estimates or quotes for the repair work that the technicians will carry out in the vehicle