What Differentiates Minor Car Accidents from Major Ones?

No one likes being involved in a car accident. This is regardless of whether the collision is a major or a minor one. The experience can be a numbing one. In the aftermath of any collision, not many people can think straight. So, having to deal with the numerous details that a collision typically entails can seem quite cumbersome. One of the first things that you should deal with is to check that all the people involved in the collision are fine. Once you have verified this, then you will need to determine whether the collision is a minor or a major one.

Many insurance companies require their customers to avoid admitting responsibility for either the collision or the extent of damage caused. However, you will still need to provide and obtain certain details before you can call your smash repair facility in Marrickville or other places to fetch your vehicle. Some of these details include:

  • The full names of the people involved
  • Their addresses
  • The registration numbers of the vehicles involved and,
  • The names and addresses of the vehicle owners and the drivers (or their representatives)

In addition, you will need to ascertain whether the person driving the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle too.

In a minor car accident, the police might not need to attend the crash site. But, you will still need to report the crash via the Police Assistance Line. A minor crash will usually feature all the aspects listed below:

  • None of the people involved in the collision will have any injuries
  • None of the vehicles involved in the collision will require towing
  • The people involved in the collision will have exchanged all the details specified above
  • No police officer will ask for any of the necessary details listed above
  • Barring the vehicles involved in the collision, there has been no property damage and,
  • None of the drivers shows any obvious signs of (or admits to being) under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs

The points listed below indicate the characteristics of major car accidents. Even if one of these aspects features in a car crash, the authorities will treat the collision as a major accident.

  • The collision has resulted in some fatalities
  • Any of the vehicles will require towing (in addition to collision repair) services
  • The collision has resulted in vehicle as well as property damage
  • Any person involved in the collision refuses to exchange details with other drivers or vehicle owners involved in the collision
  • A driver involved in the collision is under or appears to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, and is manifesting various signs of this including:
    • Slurred speech
    • The smell of alcohol
    • The inability to stand still or walk properly

The authorities require the people involved in the collision to report major car accidents to the police. In addition, the police will require various details of the circumstances and the people involved in the collision. It goes without saying that you will need to report a major crash at the earliest possible. Failure to do this could lead to the issuance of a penalty notice.

Collision repair – Rediscover your damaged car

Accidents are always sudden and unfortunate, however you can rediscover your damaged car and bring it back to its original self with collision repair. There are various services offered by collision repair shops which includes bent frame repair, cosmetic repairs, and fixing of mechanical issues.

For auto body repair, Paintless dent repair is generally recommended however one cannot use paintless dent repair in all cases. It largely depends on the extent of damage and the location of the dent. In case collision repair demands a paint job, it is important to hire specialists in paint jobs who can guarantee a clean and flawless finish.

With advanced technology and latest equipment, bent frame repair can be done with ease and great finish. Collision repair may also need fixing mechanical issues where the exhaust systems may have got damaged or, radiators crushed due to the impact. A reliable collision repair company should be able to replace and repair every damaged part to ensure the best driving experience for you.

Choose the Right Collision Repair Experts

Auto electrical issues can negatively impact the overall performance of your vehicle. Thus, they need to be addressed quickly and properly. Doing so will ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for Peugeot smash repairs or Honda smash repairs (or smash repairs for any other brand of vehicle) be sure that a comprehensive auto electrical damage diagnosis and repair is part of the package.

For high quality collision repair service at reasonable rates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up through our telephone line at (02) 9569 7277. You can also leave a message in our Contact Us page. In addition, you can avail of a free estimate by heading to our Free Quote page. For all your Sydney smash repairs needs, you can count on Marrickville Prestige Smash repairs to be there for you.

Checking for Short Circuits

Another issue that happens to auto electrical and electronic wires and components after a collision is short circuit. This is very commonly observed by technicians working in collision repair shops.

This usually happens because during a collision, the wires gets pinched or severed. This kind of check is usually done by first setting the multi-meter in the same manner as you would with the continuity check. After that, the test leads of the multi-meter is attached to the opposing ends of the adjoining wires. With regard to the reading, a reading of infinity should be observed on the meter. This is because the wires are insulated. On the other hand, if the reading shows zero, then that means that the wires are shorted to ground or another ground wire.

Again, because of the dangers associated with these kind of diagnostic tests, it should only be conducted by a trained professional and a safe environment like a collision repair shop.

Testing Electrical Circuits

Auto electrical technicians working in collision repair shops usually make use of two main methods to test electrical circuits. First is by using a simple 12-volt test light, and second is with the use of a multi-meter.

The 12-volt test light is device composed of a sharp probe, a ground wire with alligator clip and a 12-volt light bulb. The technician uses this by touching the probe to a positively charged electrical component and the other to a negative battery post. The presence of power in the circuit is determined by the light bulb turning on or not.

Although the 12-volt test light is effective, many collision repair shops make use of a multi-meter. This is because there are far more many uses for this device than the regular 12-volt test light. In fact, car manufacturers recommend the use of a multi-meter because it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t cause any damage to the delicate electrical components of the vehicle.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are very popular nowadays. This is especially after the growing push for a more eco-friendly means of transportation. However, it should be noted that these types of vehicles often have more electrical and electronic components than most other types of vehicles. Thus, when your hybrid cars experience any auto electrical problems after collision, it is best to bring them to a collision repair shop with experience in dealing with these particular types of vehicles.

For example, electric and hybrid cars have batteries that generate much higher voltages than the regular 12-volt systems. In addition, these batteries run with direct current instead of alternating current. Thus, they carry more voltages than other types of batteries. They can range anywhere between 100-300 volts at any given time.

This can be rather dangerous and no DIY repair should be attempted in this case. It is best to contact a collision repair shop and let their experts deal with it. But just so know, high voltage cables in these types of batteries and vehicles are coloured orange. When you see these, steer clear of them and never, ever touch them.

Auto Electrical Repairs

As mentioned earlier, modern vehicles have more electrical and electronic components than ever. Many of these perform critical functions that contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle. Without these, we may not benefit from the many conveniences that modern vehicles provide. This basically sums up the need for auto electrical repairs after a collision.

If you ask auto electrical specialist, you will learn that electrical and electronic problems can be a challenge to solve. This is why the services of a collision repair shop is necessary. Auto electrical repairs are not something that should be done at home. This is especially true if you have limited knowledge of auto electrical and electronic components.

Though it’s not recommended that you DIY your auto electrical repairs, you should at least be aware of what goes into the process. By having a basic understanding of auto electrical components and wirings and getting accustomed to the repair procedure, you reduce or eliminate any chance of you being ripped off by the collision repair shop. Not that you have to worry about being scammed, especially when you bring your vehicle to a reputable Sydney smash repairs shop.

Choosing a Car Detailing Shop

There are a number of auto body shops that offer car detailing services, but keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. You may find that a certain auto body shop will be much better at servicing your vehicle than others, and there are some who can offer affordable prices than most. There are certainly many factors to consider when it comes to choosing an auto detailer, and though the following criteria is by no means a comprehensive one, they should be enough to help you find the perfect auto detailer to suit your needs and requirements.

Services Offered

One of the factors you’ll need to consider when looking for a car detailing shop are the services they offer. If you are looking for an ordinary car wash and vacuuming, then you may consider an auto body shop that offers modest detailing services. However, if you are in need of a complete interior and exterior auto detailing which includes waxing and polishing and all the works, then you should be looking at bigger shops with more technicians and specialised tools and equipment. Cosmetic repairs like those offered by a panel beater is not usually included in detailing services, but there are auto body shops who can do them for you just in case you need it in order to restore your vehicle’s blemish-free look.


As with all other services like collision repair or accident repair, different auto body shops will have different pricing when it comes to their auto detailing services. Still, it should be noted that as with other expenses, you get what you pay for. That being said, it is always a good idea to spend a little more as long as it can guarantee a professionally done job. If you are looking for ways to save on your auto detailing expenses, you should keep your eyes open for special offers. Some auto detailing shops will offer special discounts on certain days of the month, or even to certain people (i.e. lady drivers, senior citizens, etc.).

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to know just how professional and reliable an auto body shop that offers auto detailing is by reading reviews and testimonials. Many auto body shops will readily tell you that they are the best in your area, but you shouldn’t take their word for it. On the other hand, customer reviews are unbiased most of the time, and they should be able to tell you both the pros and cons of a certain auto body shop. Talk to family or friends who has been to an auto detailer you are interested in and ask about their experience with that auto detailer. You can also go online and look at websites and forums since some of them will have something to say about auto detailers in your area, just like when they have some comments about smash repair in Newtown.

What Makes Car Detailing Important?

Auto detailing is more than just washing and vacuuming your vehicle, although those are basically some of the things that happen when you avail of the service. It may seem that the only real purposed of auto detailing is purely cosmetic, there are several other benefits that come with the service, and some of these benefits are pretty important in their own sense.

See Your Vehicle’s Needs in More Detail

When you see a dirty vehicle, the first problem that you see is cleanliness. However, some vehicle’s may have deeper problems that simply dirt alone. A knowledgeable and experienced auto detailer will be able to help you spot any problems with your vehicle as they conduct their inspection and assessment. They can tell you which parts and areas will need some serious cleaning, replacement or repainting. They can suggest a dent, collision repair or accident repair, interior panelling, rust proofing and several other processes that can help improve your vehicle’s aesthetics, performance and longevity. Depending on the auto detailing shop and the expert looking at your vehicle, the recommendations you get may vary, but you can be sure that all the suggestions you will get are tailored specifically to meet your vehicle’s specific needs. With an auto detailer, you will have a better idea of what issues are affecting your vehicle aside from dirt and grime.

Promotes Good Health

Your vehicle’s interiors, whether you like it or not, is also home a variety of germs and bacteria. The dust, food crumbs and other dirt and debris makes your vehicle a conducive home for these microscopic organisms. Needless to say, this creates an unhealthy environment for you and your passengers. If you find yourself constantly sniffing and sneezing, then you should consider having your vehicle’s interiors cleaned.

Professional auto detailers understand the health risks involved with driving an unkempt vehicle, and thus pour time and effort in ensuring that every bit of dirt and debris is removed. The cleaning process usually involves vacuuming the carpets and upholstery to remove the dirt, and then the interior is sanitised using cleaning agents and solutions made specifically for this purpose.

How long does PDR take?

One of the best features of paint less dent removal is that it can be done much quicker than conventional automotive body repairs. This is mainly because PDR does away with many of the processes usually involved in conventional auto body repair or collision repair, like having to remove the damaged panel, beat it back to the original shape and then there’s the application of fillers and paint. Without all these, the repair process is much quicker. Also, a good PDR technician will be able to assess immediately whether your vehicle is qualified for PDR or not, and if it is, will know right away how to go about it. In general, a PDR session can be completed in as little as a few hours, or even a few minutes for one dent, provided of course that you get the services of a skilled and qualified PDR technician. There are also the number of dings and dents to be considered – naturally, the more dents there are to be fixed, the longer the repair will take.