Which Areas of a Car Will Typically Require Accident Repairs in the Aftermath of a Collision?

If you drive a car frequently, then you will have a higher probability of finding yourself involved in a car collision. In some cases, you might find yourself involved in a collision as a passenger, if not as a driver. It is worth highlighting that a vast majority of collisions tend to be minor in nature. For instance, the collision could involve scraping another car while you park your vehicle. Or, it might involve what automotive experts refer to as fender benders. In these collisions, the car will probably sustain some superficial scratches and dents. In addition, the drivers and the passengers will usually not experience anything more than a few scratches and bruises.

Some of the components of a car that sustain the most damage in collisions include:

  • The Front Bumper: Estimates suggest that front bumper damage accounts for a third of all accidental damage arising from car collisions. Head-on accidents are not very common. But, rear-end accidents typically end up damaging other cars. The front bumper is susceptible to damage caused by collisions with icy snowbanks, property etc. Once the front bumper cracks in a collision, the crack will only become wider with time.
  • The Headlights: Headlights usually comprise a rigid variety of plastic material. In addition, their location at either edge of the front of the vehicle makes them prone to damage.
  • The Fenders: A car’s fenders will not be as delicate as the headlights. But, collisions with fences, garage doors etc. could cause some damage. In many cases, side-on collisions inflict the maximum damage on fenders.
  • The Car Grilles: Many drivers tend to swerve their cars to reduce the impact of the collision. This is why the car grille does not experience as much damage as the fender. Nonetheless, damage to the grilles is still one of the most common requirements in Ford or Honda smash repair
  • The Wheels: The location of the wheels,e. in all the four corners of a car, makes them particularly vulnerable in a collision. They can also experience damage from a variety of other causes such as nails, potholes, debris lying on the road etc.

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As mentioned earlier, vehicular collisions can be quite disconcerting. The entire experience is jarring in itself. But, when you have to deal with a damaged car and even worse, some injuries, the situation can be extremely distressing and inconvenient. Many people find it hard to drive as fluently as they did prior to the collision. This is especially so in case the collision is very serious. But, other car owners resume driving as soon as their vehicle becomes roadworthy again.

Selecting a reputable and well established body shop for repairing your vehicle is very important. Such shops will usually feature a number of repair technicians and specialists.  More importantly, these individuals will have experience in almost every area of automotive repair. For instance, some people will be adept at beating damaged panels back into place. Similarly, other workers will have experience in ensuring that none of the repainted panels appears out of sync with the originally painted panels of the vehicle. These professionals will usually have specialised skills and immense experience in restoring and repairing cars. They will combine these attributes with state-of-the-art equipment. This fusion is what enables them to give even the shabbiest of cars a swanky makeover.

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You wouldn’t trust a stranger when it comes to driving your car. Similarly, handing over your car for repairs at just about any repair shop is not a great move either. This is because you will typically possess no (or little) idea about the kinds of services offered in the shop. In addition, you will not have any idea about the skills and expertise of the repair technicians in the facility either. As such, would they be able to give your car the repairs it needs to return to its pre-accident condition? In some cases, car owners have found the results to their satisfaction. In others, they have woken up to their follies only after spending a significant sum of money.

To avoid such issues, entrust your car to Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs for the best accident repairs. For more than 35 years, we have been the company of choice for serving Sydney’s automotive body repair needs. Unlike other body shops, we can repair cars of all makes and models. A family owned business, we understand perfectly the extent to which many people depend on their vehicles. This is why our experienced and knowledgeable staff utilises its wealth of experience to bring finesse to every repair job they undertake.

Over the years, we have built an ironclad reputation for delivering superlative quality automotive body and mechanical repair work. Many auto body shops take days, if not weeks, for completing the simplest collision repair jobs. In contrast, we focus on delivering your car back to you in the shortest time span possible. However, this will depend on the type of repair work that the vehicle needs. But, with us, you can rest assured that we will strive to minimise any disruption and inconvenience that not having a vehicle can result in. More importantly, you can rely on us to tailor each job based on your specific requirements. With us, you will not only get your car back in prime condition. You will get 100 percent satisfaction and peace of mind as well. For more details on our services, click here.

Reputed Car Repair Shops Are the Smart Choice When Your Vehicle Needs Collision Repairs

X-factors refer to hard-to-define properties, which are both unique and important. The presence of the x-factor often makes a big difference to the outcome of a given situation. For instance, an interviewing panel will undoubtedly plump for a candidate having an x-factor over others. Similarly, properties or vehicles with x-factors will not take long to fetch a number of people evincing their interest in purchasing these properties or vehicles. In many cases, they might not even consider bargaining over the price with the sellers.

Many vehicle owners often consider their vehicles as extensions of themselves. Thus, they invest a lot of time in embellishing their vehicles with several accessories. Some of these could help in making the car more aesthetically appealing. Others might well offer enhanced levels of functionality. Given the efforts these individuals have invested in making the car more functional, it is easy to understand how distressing the effect of a vehicular collision could be. The higher numbers of cars on the roads invariably increases the likelihood of accidents and collisions. To remedy these, you will need specialists fluent in carrying out accident repairs. In many cases, the collisions are not serious. They will typically involve superficial damage to the body of the car. Sure, your car might not look great any longer. But, the fact remains that no serious injuries resulted from the collision.

Being involved in a vehicle collision is stressful enough. But, having to deposit your car for smash repairs so that it can continue functioning properly can be even worse. Many people depend a lot more on their vehicles than they might have thought. Thus, not having a car to bank on each time you head somewhere can be quite an inconvenience. This is why it’s necessary to find the best car repair shop in your neighbourhood. This is so even if the car seems to have experienced only superficial damage. The repair technicians will inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Thus, they might even come across hard-to-find areas that sorely need repairs. Their eagle eyes (in conjunction with their expertise) will help in making your car as good as new again. More importantly, they will make your vehicle completely roadworthy as well.

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If you want the best repair services for your vehicle, don’t look beyond Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs. For more than 35 years, we’ve specialised in repairing cars of a diverse range of makes and models. We’re a family owned business. Located in the heart of one of Sydney’s industrial business centres, we understand how dependent many people are on their vehicles. This is why we offer prompt and high-quality repair services to our clients. We offer top-notch automotive body and mechanical repair work. This is regardless of the make or model of the vehicle.

Moreover, we have a team of experienced and qualified technicians. These individuals have years of experience in repairing cars and setting them right again. As a result, you will no longer need to show patience with lengthy repair timelines for accident repairs. Instead, with us, you will enjoy a hassle-free and superlative experience. We will return your car in the least amount of time to minimise the disruption to the routine of your life. In addition, we can provide assistance with making your insurance claims as well. We will help you contact your insurance company to simplify the process entirely. Moreover, if you require courtesy cars while we repair your car, we can assist with that as well. Above all, we offer a convenient shuttle service as well. So, we can take you to and from your destination, even as we repair your car. For more details, speak to us at 1300 466 777.

Why Do Mechanics in Auto Body Shops Find It Harder to Colour Match the Older and Newer Components of a Vehicle?

At first glance, it might appear that repainting a car is much easier than carrying out other accident repairs. But, this is not so. Many body shops expend a lot of time when it comes to repainting vehicles. They often find it very hard to match the colour of the newly painted exterior components with the older exterior components. It takes immense effort to ensure that the colours of both sets of components match perfectly. Situations could arise where the paint on the new exterior components could be slightly off-colour. This could mar the overall appearance of the vehicle considerably.

Many people might feel that car manufacturers only deal with certain shades of paints. Hence, these manufacturers would usually specify the shade of the paint on the exteriors of their vehicles. So, all that the paint specialists would need to do is to find the appropriate shade of paint. However, this is not the case. It is worth highlighting that with the passage of time, the colour of the body panels will keep fading. As a result, the colour on these panels will vary slightly with paint of the original colour.

For many auto mechanics, the best way of resolving this issue lies in altering the paint colour slightly. This alteration would ensure that the emergent colour of the paint corresponds perfectly with the existing paint on the car’s exterior panels. Vehicle painting specialists face other issues as well. For instance, applying the paint while maintaining an ‘as good as new’ smooth surface can be quite tricky as well. This is because even the slightest misapplication could lead to the appearance of bubbles. Alternatively, it could result in the appearance of an orange-peel consistency. Either of these could make the replaced components look cheap and inconsistent. To eliminate these issues, paint specialists will use advanced techniques of painting. In addition, they will use specialised equipment as well. This enables them to ensure that the paintwork looks uniform on all sides of the vehicle.

Make Your Car as Good as New with the Best Providers of Collision Repair Services

Roads and highways across the country serve thousands of cars each day. In many cases, people commute by cars to their workplaces or places of business. Similarly, other people use their vehicles to carry out errands, engage in wanderlust or visit some friends or relatives. The parking lot of any residential property will typically feature a diverse range of cars. These cars might not be able to give you a worthwhile estimate of the number of cars that ply on Australian roads on a daily basis. But, they can serve to highlight the issues that could take place when two or more cars end up colliding with each other.

Without a doubt, a car accident can be a scary experience. The shock of the impact could leave you feeling shaken up. If you have passengers with you, their presence could be somewhat comforting and reassuring. But, the jarring experience could cloud your thinking. As a result, the feelings of panic could magnify when you are unsure of what you should do next. Statistically speaking, a vast majority of car collisions are not serious. Many of these collisions do not lead to anything more than minor injuries (if at all) to the driver and the passengers. In addition, these collisions often do nothing more than leave the vehicle with dents, dings or scratches. Undoubtedly, the cost of hiring professionals to carry out all the accident repairs on your vehicle will not be cheap. These expenses could be particularly severe if you don’t have adequate levels of insurance. However, you will be able to rest assured about the quality of repairs when you deposit your vehicle at the best body shop in the vicinity.