Choosing a Car Detailing Shop

There are a number of auto body shops that offer car detailing services, but keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. You may find that a certain auto body shop will be much better at servicing your vehicle than others, and there are some who can offer affordable prices than most. There are certainly many factors to consider when it comes to choosing an auto detailer, and though the following criteria is by no means a comprehensive one, they should be enough to help you find the perfect auto detailer to suit your needs and requirements.

Services Offered

One of the factors you’ll need to consider when looking for a car detailing shop are the services they offer. If you are looking for an ordinary car wash and vacuuming, then you may consider an auto body shop that offers modest detailing services. However, if you are in need of a complete interior and exterior auto detailing which includes waxing and polishing and all the works, then you should be looking at bigger shops with more technicians and specialised tools and equipment. Cosmetic repairs like those offered by a panel beater is not usually included in detailing services, but there are auto body shops who can do them for you just in case you need it in order to restore your vehicle’s blemish-free look.


As with all other services like collision repair or accident repair, different auto body shops will have different pricing when it comes to their auto detailing services. Still, it should be noted that as with other expenses, you get what you pay for. That being said, it is always a good idea to spend a little more as long as it can guarantee a professionally done job. If you are looking for ways to save on your auto detailing expenses, you should keep your eyes open for special offers. Some auto detailing shops will offer special discounts on certain days of the month, or even to certain people (i.e. lady drivers, senior citizens, etc.).

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to know just how professional and reliable an auto body shop that offers auto detailing is by reading reviews and testimonials. Many auto body shops will readily tell you that they are the best in your area, but you shouldn’t take their word for it. On the other hand, customer reviews are unbiased most of the time, and they should be able to tell you both the pros and cons of a certain auto body shop. Talk to family or friends who has been to an auto detailer you are interested in and ask about their experience with that auto detailer. You can also go online and look at websites and forums since some of them will have something to say about auto detailers in your area, just like when they have some comments about smash repair in Newtown.

What Makes Car Detailing Important?

Auto detailing is more than just washing and vacuuming your vehicle, although those are basically some of the things that happen when you avail of the service. It may seem that the only real purposed of auto detailing is purely cosmetic, there are several other benefits that come with the service, and some of these benefits are pretty important in their own sense.

See Your Vehicle’s Needs in More Detail

When you see a dirty vehicle, the first problem that you see is cleanliness. However, some vehicle’s may have deeper problems that simply dirt alone. A knowledgeable and experienced auto detailer will be able to help you spot any problems with your vehicle as they conduct their inspection and assessment. They can tell you which parts and areas will need some serious cleaning, replacement or repainting. They can suggest a dent, collision repair or accident repair, interior panelling, rust proofing and several other processes that can help improve your vehicle’s aesthetics, performance and longevity. Depending on the auto detailing shop and the expert looking at your vehicle, the recommendations you get may vary, but you can be sure that all the suggestions you will get are tailored specifically to meet your vehicle’s specific needs. With an auto detailer, you will have a better idea of what issues are affecting your vehicle aside from dirt and grime.

Promotes Good Health

Your vehicle’s interiors, whether you like it or not, is also home a variety of germs and bacteria. The dust, food crumbs and other dirt and debris makes your vehicle a conducive home for these microscopic organisms. Needless to say, this creates an unhealthy environment for you and your passengers. If you find yourself constantly sniffing and sneezing, then you should consider having your vehicle’s interiors cleaned.

Professional auto detailers understand the health risks involved with driving an unkempt vehicle, and thus pour time and effort in ensuring that every bit of dirt and debris is removed. The cleaning process usually involves vacuuming the carpets and upholstery to remove the dirt, and then the interior is sanitised using cleaning agents and solutions made specifically for this purpose.

How do I find a good PDR technician?

Finding a qualified paint less dent repair technician can be rather challenging, especially with many of mechanics posing as PDR nowadays. There are PDR tools and equipment sold in both brick and mortar stores as well as online, and since many of these aren’t that expensive, almost anybody with a credit card can buy them. However, a true PDR technician will have more than just the right tools in their toolbox – they will also have the knowledge, skill and training to back them up. There are different training centers that offer PDR trainings along with other accident repair trainings, and will give certificates to anyone who completes their course. This is one of the most important things that you should be looking for in a PDR technician. In addition, you can also try asking any of your colleagues, family, friends, or anyone who has ever tried PDR in the past and ask them to recommend a technician to you. Be sure to ask about their experience with the PDR technician – how the technician works, how satisfied are they with the service, and the fees that the PDR technician charged them. Finding a qualified PDR technician is very important because if you leave your vehicle to unqualified hands, you may only be disappointed with the results, or there may be more harm than good done to your vehicle in the end.

Myth #2: You Can Do PDR Yourself

When it comes to repairing your damaged vehicle, you can either grab your tools and DIY the damage, or you can call in a professional mechanic or automotive expert to deal with the problem. In the case of a ding or a dent though, it is highly recommended that you avail of the service of an expert instead.

While it is true that there are some PDR kits and other accident repair kits being marketed and sold in the auto shops, hardware stores, and even on the TV, you might want to avoid shelling out some cash for them just yet. For one, the really cheap PDR kits are not made of high quality materials and will certainly be not effective in removing dings and dents. Second, the more expensive PDR kits can be quite a burden to the pocket, especially if you consider the fact that you will not always be using them anyway, unless of course you intend to intentionally cause dings and dents on your vehicle, have rather poor driving or parking skills, or are very unlucky to be the victim of stray shopping carts and bikes.

In addition, there are instructional videos on YouTube and other similar sites that teaches you how you can do accident repair and PDR yourself, and although you may learn a thing or two about PDR by watching such videos, you will find that knowing is still different from doing, and that no matter how many videos you watch, you will still have a hard time executing the repair perfectly and flawlessly. Worst is that many vehicle owners who tried to DIY their vehicle’s dings and dents often ended up calling PDR technician anyway, since they ‘accidentally’ aggravated the problem and made the ding or dent look worse. Needless to say, they ended up paying for more expensive repairs.PDR is repair process that requires specialised tools and the knowledge and skill to use these tools effectively in order to achieve up to 99% restoration.

Accident repair – Tips for an accurate repair estimate

Getting an accurate estimate for accident repair is one of the most important steps in the process of getting your beautiful vehicle back on the road. The quality of accident repair, cost and timing are important factors to consider while getting the repair estimate.
Do your own research and obtain accident repair estimates from well established accident repair shops. Before choosing a repair shop, look into their reputation and read reviews from other customers. The accident repair estimate should include a detailed breakdown of the repair involved along with the cost for parts and labour.
Your decision shouldn’t be entirely driven by the price because quality should be your top priority in case of accident repair. One doesn’t need to wait for the insurance company’s adjuster before starting accident repair. You can always pay for the repair yourself and request reimbursement from your insurer.

Accident repair – Learn to avoid the most common reasons

There are different reasons behind accidents, however one can learn to avoid the most common reasons behind accidents and hence avoid the need for accident repair. Rear end collisions are mostly caused due to the drivers getting distracted or, getting involved in another activity. Avoid mobile phones and don’t fiddle with the GPS or radio dial while driving.
Parking lot accidents are quite common and it can be easily avoided by being mindful of other cars instead of relying on the rear view mirror or back camera. Need for accident repair is quite common in case of wildlife collisions which cause serious injuries and vehicle damage. Pay close attention to caution signs, use high beams at night and stay within speed limits to avoid such accidents.
Side impact accidents are generally fatal and can cause serious damages which demands high accident repair costs. Look for cars which provides provision for airbags. Pay attention to approaching vehicles, signals, traffic signs etc. to avoid side impact collisions.

Accident Repair – Pre-requisites before the Repair

With an increase in the number of vehicles plying on the road every day, chances of accidents have been increasing over the years. Even with the presence of all safety precautions, accidents may occur. Accident repair should never be delayed as the situation can soon worsen and result in additional damage and an increase in risk.
When you are looking for a professional auto repair shop, the below mentioned tips would ease your search for the best.
Referrals and client testimonials are always useful when you are searching for a reliable auto repair shop. An exhaustive research would provide you enough information about the repair shop.
Always speak to your insurance company before taking your vehicle for accident repair. Also, it makes sense to look for an auto garage that would offer warranty on their services.
Check the body shop workplace to ensure that they use state of the art equipment and best products for accident repair.
Check for the skills and services offered by the auto repair shop and ensure that they specialize in the services you are looking for as part of accident repair.