Car accidents are always unpleasant, where the first challenge may be to escape with none or, minor injuries but then that’s just the beginning. Days after the accident, one needs to deal with the insurance company, get repair estimates, and may need to commute without your vehicle. Depending on the repair time for REAL smash repairs and insurance reimbursement process, one may be without their vehicle for days or weeks.

In case the accident was not your fault, the other driver’s car insurance should typically pay 100% of the costs associated with a rental car which you may use until REAL smash repairs are completed. In case the fault is unclear, you may check with your insurance company where they may offer rental coverage as the investigation is carried on.

In case one doesn’t carry rental insurance coverage and the fault is unclear, one may need to cover the expenses out of pocket. It is very important to understand the policy guidelines when you take your car to the workshop for REAL smash repairs.