Hybrid cars are very popular nowadays. This is especially after the growing push for a more eco-friendly means of transportation. However, it should be noted that these types of vehicles often have more electrical and electronic components than most other types of vehicles. Thus, when your hybrid cars experience any auto electrical problems after collision, it is best to bring them to a collision repair shop with experience in dealing with these particular types of vehicles.

For example, electric and hybrid cars have batteries that generate much higher voltages than the regular 12-volt systems. In addition, these batteries run with direct current instead of alternating current. Thus, they carry more voltages than other types of batteries. They can range anywhere between 100-300 volts at any given time.

This can be rather dangerous and no DIY repair should be attempted in this case. It is best to contact a collision repair shop and let their experts deal with it. But just so know, high voltage cables in these types of batteries and vehicles are coloured orange. When you see these, steer clear of them and never, ever touch them.