Driving a new and spotless car can be an enjoyable prospect. Unfortunately, cars seldom continue to look as good as new. With the passage of time, a series of blemishes and scratches can appear on account of collisions and accidents. In addition, various wear and tear problems could emerge over time as well. These will invariably detract from the look and, in some cases, the performance of the vehicle. For many people, the most common recourse in these situations is to take the car to the local body shop for repair. But, this will necessitate leaving the car behind at the shop for a week, if not longer. In addition, the lengthy repair processes will keep escalating the repair costs considerably.


The advent of Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) repair methods has altered the situation significantly. These techniques enable repair technicians to repair vehicles with superficial damages in a fraction of the time that a regular body shop will take. More importantly, the repair expenses will not be exorbitant as well.


At a local body shop, the repair workers will focus on blending the repaired panels with the undamaged ones. This is a time-consuming and costly process. In contrast, skilled technicians will typically mix and match paint at the facility to arrive at the perfect colour combination. As a result, the repaired panels will be of the same shade as the unaffected panels of the vehicle.


When you visit the local repair shop for CGU or Prestige smash repairs, the repair technicians will initially inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Only then will they assess whether they will be able to repair the vehicle with SMART repair processes. So, if your vehicle only features a few dents where the paintwork is fine, the repair workers will be able to employ SMART repair processes. In this scenario, they will manipulate the damaged area gently to remove the dent. This Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) process eliminates the need for using paint and fillers.


At the outset, it is worth highlighting that SMART repairs can only remedy cosmetic damage. This could include removing dents and scratch marks from the body of the vehicle. In collisions, vehicles could suffer damage that is more extensive. In this scenario, SMART repairs will not be able to restore the look and the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Thus, you will need to take your vehicle to the nearest car repair facility.


So, if your car features dents that have damaged the paintwork, the repair technicians will need to use fillers and paints. They will sand down the damaged area of the car. Then, they will reduce the dent with a dent pulling machine. Following this, they will apply a small amount of filler and leave it to dry. Thereafter, they will sand down the area again before spray painting, lacquering and polishing the car.