Fleet Company Work

Here at Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs we understand that repairs need to be done quickly in order to minimize lost revenue, so we don’t hesitate to even extend our operation hours in extreme situations. If you are looking for high quality services for smash repairs in Marrickville, we can provide you best results with minimum disruption in your hectic schedule.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for PEUGEOT smash repairs or VOLKSWAGEN smash repairs, at MPSR we are well equipped with state-of-the-art automotive technology and experienced technicians to handle all types of smash repair in Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter. Since there is no subcontracting at MPSR and our clients are in direct contact of smash repair professionals, we are able to monitor each and every aspect of repair work to suit individual needs of our clients. Our in-house operations also enable us to provide you with the benefits of high quality repairs on time.

Are you looking to sell your fleet vehicles but worrying about their decreased value?

Well, the good news is that with MPSR’s unmatched pre-end of lease repairs, increasing value of your vehicles by transforming them into brand new condition is easier than ever before.

Are you looking for repairs to an unregistered vehicle?

Not a problem, let us handle everything from picking up your vehicle and making repairs to returning it back to you on time with our slide bed tow truck. What’s more – for your convenience, we can even tow your vehicle directly to the sale yard.

Flexibility of our services allows us to work with our clients in a way that does not cause any inconvenience to them in any way.

If you are looking for any further information on quality Smash repairs, contact Johnny Karavasilias today via phone at 02 9569 7277 or email at john.karavasilias@mpsr.com.au