A slipping transmission is one of the first signs that your vehicle has suffered transmission damage from a rear-end collision. When your transmission starts to slip, you will notice that your vehicle has a difficult time accelerating as you drive — and for most vehicle owners this is enough reason to bring their vehicles to an auto body shop for repairs. This may not be easily observable when you drive on a flat terrain, but you will certainly notice the problem when you’re trying to traverse an incline. Sometimes, you may even notice it even when you’re trying to merge with freeway traffic or get through an intersection. Eventually, your vehicle will reach your desired speed; however, it will take longer than usual.

If your transmission is slipping, you should certainly get it fixed right away by a shop that offers accident repairs. If you continue to drive with a slipping transmission, you may find yourself with bigger problems in the future. By driving your vehicle under such circumstances, you risk causing further damage to your transmission. And when you finally decide to have your transmission fixed, it will be likely that you’ll be needing and paying for more expensive repairs, causing you to spend more than what you may have initially spent. Aside from the added expense though, there are more serious problems that you may encounter by neglecting to repair your slipping transmission.

So by having your slipping transmission fixed right away, you make it much safer for you to drive your vehicle. Now of course bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop for such repairs will cost you money, and some vehicle owners may not have the money to put their vehicles under such repairs. In this case, you should consider using other modes of transportation like the mass transit or maybe a transport network vehicle service. This way, you avoid causing more damage to your vehicle and raise the cost of repairing it even more.

If you notice that your vehicle’s transmission is slipping after being rear-ended, you should definitely bring it to a shop that offers collision repairs and have their mechanic take a look. They should be able to detect the problem easily and perform the necessary repairs to keep your transmission from slipping.