Like other components of your vehicle, your transmission is also prone to developing cracks after a rear-end collision. When your transmission does crack, it will start to leak transmission fluid. A leaking transmission is a serious problem as it can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and road worthiness. One of the signs that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid is when you notice that your transmission fluid levels are constantly low. Another sign is when you see transmission fluid (usually red in colour) on your garage’s floor. In any case, you should definitely bring your vehicle to a shop offering collision repairs and have it checked.

There isn’t any immediate danger when you drive your vehicle while the transmission fluid leaks. However, you should be aware that your vehicle may stall while you drive along. These can be a serious problem when you’re driving in dangerous roads such as the freeway or when you’re driving in an unknown area at night. Rather than risk finding yourself in such circumstances, it is better to have your mechanic check your transmission and fix the problem right away.

If you observe that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid — or even if you just suspect it to be so — bring your vehicle to an auto body shop and have their mechanics take a look as soon as possible. If left unchecked, a leaking transmission is bound to lead to worse problems which may further damage your vehicle.