How to Go About Ascertaining the Damages Your Car Has Sustained in a Collision

A car accident is hardly a pleasant occurrence. If you’re fortunate, you will probably get away with minor injuries or escape unscathed. If you’re not, you could sustain several injuries – some of which might even alter your life in the weeks to come. The increasing numbers of vehicles on Australian roads has heightened the risk of car collisions considerably. However, most car collisions are minor in nature. As such, the people involved in the collision will seldom suffer serious injuries. But, it is the vehicle that often bears the brunt of any collision. As a result, even the most minor car collisions could end up necessitating QBE or REAL smash repairs.

In the aftermath of a collision, not many people can think straight or keep their wits about them. Thus, knowing the steps to take following a collision often remain obscure. However, if the car has sustained some damage and the accident was certainly not your fault, you will need to tackle certain things as soon as you possibly can. These steps usually involve identifying the factors related to your car repairs and the insurance claim. It goes without saying that you will need to check whether all the people involved in the collision are safe. If not, calling for an ambulance might be imperative. You will also need to obtain various details about the other parties involved in the collision – including their insurance information.

Besides this, you will need to ascertain the compensation needed for fixing your vehicle. And, you will need to contact the smash repair facility you frequent for moving your car out of the traffic and examining the damages. At the same time, knowing the damage that your car has sustained in the collision is your responsibility as well. So, some of the things that you will need to do include:

  • Taking pictures of the damages that your vehicle has sustained in the collision
  • Noting down how you are feeling after the collision – in case you find that you have sustained some personal injuries as a result of the collision
  • Making a note of any personal property in your car that has suffered damage because of the collision
  • Detailing the entire incident in your mind and making the appropriate notes and,
  • Looking for people who can act as eyewitnesses to the incident and obtaining their details

The best smash repair facilities in Marrickville and other places will not only inspect your vehicle thoroughly. They will be able to give you a detailed report of the repairs that your vehicle will require. This is in addition to collecting your vehicle from the accident site and performing the necessary repairs subsequently. For many people, dealing with the insurance company can be a nightmarish experience. In this scenario, the smash repair company can be extremely useful. They will not only guide you through the entire claims process. They will provide the necessary reports pertaining to the vehicle that auto insurance companies typically need. This is why it pays to be aware of the best smash repair company in your vicinity. Knowing this beforehand can be highly invaluable when you find yourself involved in a collision.

Why Should Smash Repair Experts Be Among Your First Ports of Call Following a Collision?

Any collision or accident will leave marks and signs of damage in its wake. Whether the accident is serious or minor, the people involved will certainly not forget the incident in a hurry. At the same time, the bodies of the cars involved will bear the tell-tale signs of the collision. Major collisions will invariably lead to the vehicles sustaining significant damage. Minor collisions could lead to the appearance of dents, dings and scratches on the bodies of the vehicles involved. In the aftermath of any collision, the people involved are usually too numb to collect their thoughts and think logically. As such, knowing what steps they should take following a collision often become obscure. In this scenario, contacting a reputed Inner West smash repair company could be the best bet.

Whether your vehicle needs extensive repairs or superficial ones, you should be aware of the best smash repair companies in your locality. Otherwise, you could end up depositing your vehicle at a local facility. In many cases, you will not be aware of the quality of the services that the facility offers. In addition, it could be likely that the repair technicians working at such facilities do not possess the requisite level of knowledge or skills for carrying out the repairs needed. Horror stories abound where the repair technicians did not carry out a thorough inspection or examination of the vehicle. As a result, the vehicle began malfunctioning within a few days of its return from the repair centre.

Repairing a car in the aftermath of a collision usually depends on the nature of the collision. It also depends on the insurance cover that the car owners possess. The best smash repair facilities usually have tie-ups with a wide range of auto insurance companies. As a result, these facilities will not only bring your vehicle from the scene of the collision to the repair centre. They will also liaise with the insurance companies and notify them of the collision. Many of these smash repair companies help their customers by advising and guiding them throughout the claim process. And, in case the vehicle will be out of action for long spans of time, these facilities will often provide their customers with suitable courtesy cars. It is worth mentioning that some vehicles require special attention and care. This is especially so for high-end car models. Inexperienced repair technicians and mechanics could make a mess of a simple job. In contrast, experienced and knowledgeable staff can make even the most complicated repair jobs look easy.

Any smash repair facility will be able to offer cost-effective REAL or QBE smash repair services. More importantly, they will be able to offer a wide range of services. So, they will not just be able to carry out repairs pertaining to the collision. By performing an extensive and comprehensive examination, they will also be able to identify other areas of the vehicle that require repairing or servicing. In many cases, the professionals working at smash repair facilities possess advanced skills and training. This enables them to tackle each job with high levels of precision and care. In addition, the professionals working at large smash repair facilities will usually have handled a wide range of vehicles of all makes and models. Thus, they will find it easier to identify the areas that need work and complete them to the satisfaction of their clients.

What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Vehicular Collisions?

As mentioned earlier, you will not be able to prevent collisions from taking place even if you do drive safely and carefully. To eliminate the possibility of accidents occurring, all drivers will need to remain switched on when at the wheels of their cars. Unfortunately, this is an ideal scenario. Given the hectic pace of contemporary life, it is more than likely that people will drive their cars hastily. In some cases, they will even drive their vehicles rashly. Contemporary lifestyles have forced many people to multitask at any given point in a day. So, it is not uncommon to come across drivers doing various other things, when the road ahead should receive their fullest attention. Inattentive drivers and incidents of rash driving invariably necessitate REAL or QBE smash repairs.

Some of the most common causes for vehicular collisions in Australia include:

  • Driver Negligence: Many people make the mistake of thinking that driver negligence refers to occasions when the driver momentarily looked elsewhere while driving the vehicle. And, in that moment, a collision took place. However, it is worth mentioning that driver negligence does not remain confined to a single form. It can manifest itself in an assortment of ways. For instance, the driver might exhibit aggressive driving behaviour that leads to a collision. Some drivers challenge others to race their vehicles on the road or do not give way to other cars. These are examples of aggressive driving behaviour. Alternatively, the driver might be driving under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances. In some cases, lack of experience might lead to accidents as well. This is especially so in case a minor or an inexperienced driver is driving a car without adult supervision.
  • Malfunctioning Vehicles: A vehicle often goes through a lot each time you take it out for a spin. It might not be very apparent, but a vehicle goes through a lot of wear and tear. Overlooking the importance of maintaining or servicing the car could mean that you’re driving a vehicle that is not roadworthy. This is why smash repair specialists in Marrickville and other places urge their customers to deposit their cars for regular servicing. Similarly, vehicles with faulty or defective door latches, seatbelts, ignition systems, fuel systems, airbags etc. could contribute greatly to the damage that a vehicle sustains in a collision. In addition, cars with faulty designs can make the vehicle unstable. As a result, they could easily roll over and turn turtle in vehicular collisions as opposed to regular vehicles.
  • Other Factors: Road, weather and visibility conditions can increase the likelihood of accidents several times over. No one has control over these factors. But, a prudent driver will always focus on negotiating such circumstances carefully. This will serve to minimise the occurrences of collisions.

Ideal Smash Repair Companies Offer Superlative Services at Cost-Effective Rates

Keeping their cars in good working condition is the prerogative of all car owners. Failing to do so could be counterproductive. Regular wear and tear often affects a car in many ways that are not easily apparent. As a result, with each passing day, the problem could become worse. Eventually, the car could malfunction or break down entirely, causing much inconvenience to the owner. In contrast, a well-maintained car will not only be roadworthy for longer stretches of time. It will keep the driver and the passenger safe as well. Above all, it will offer higher levels of efficiency and optimal value for money. Not surprisingly, smash repair companies in Marrickville and other places recommend regular servicing of vehicles to car owners across the country.

Many people feel that if they drive safely, they will be able to avoid collisions and accidents. In many cases, this is true. However, accidents seldom come with advance warnings. You might be driving safely. But, not all people who drive vehicles do so. As a result, a sharp turn or a spell of rash driving could invariably result in a collision. It is a fact that the higher number of vehicles plying on Australian roads has increased the likelihood of collisions significantly. Horrible vehicular collisions take place nearly every day across the country. Thankfully though, only a few of these result in casualties. Whether the collision results in any casualties or not, the fact remains that it will result in causing some damage to the vehicles involved.

High-speed collisions will inevitably have a greater impact. Thus, the damage to the bodies of the vehicles involved can be considerable. However, even low-impact collisions can inflict some damage to the body of your vehicle. The appearance of dents and scratches on the otherwise sleek body of your car can make it appear quite unsightly. It is worth mentioning that many car owners only take into account the damage sustained by the body of the vehicle when they think of visiting a smash repair facility. But, not all damage is immediately apparent. Some collisions might result in damaging internal components of the vehicle. And, if the damage does not visibly affect the performance of the car, the car owner will seldom think of turning the car in for repairs. So, in many cases, car owners could end up using cars with suspect levels of roadworthiness.

QBE or NRMA smash repairs can be quite expensive. However, if one can get quality repair services all under the same roof, it can be highly worthwhile. Unfortunately, not all smash repair facilities are equal. Some facilities recruit specialists for taking care of a myriad of car repair activities, while others do not. So, unless you select an established repair facility for depositing your vehicles, you could end up getting inferior-quality repairs. In some cases, you might end up paying more than you need to. Even worse, you could end up in a situation where the repair technicians repair the visible damage, while leaving the relatively hard-to-spot damage in the innards of the car untouched. To eliminate such hassles, always select a reputed smash repair company for repairing your vehicle.

Trust a Collision Repair Specialist for Your Damaged Transmission

When your vehicle has been rear-ended and your transmission is damaged, you want to choose a reputable shop that offers professional and comprehensive accident and collision repairs to fully rebuild, repair, or replace your damaged transmission and restore all the superficial damaged sustained by your vehicle in the collision. Since these kinds of repairs are a major undertaking, you should trust nothing less than an auto body shop that is well-equipped and has a staff that is fully-trained to deal with such automotive issues correctly and efficiently.

Here at Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs, we understand how much people depend on their vehicles to help them get through with day to day activities. This is why when a client comes into our auto body shop with a damaged vehicle, we do our best to get their vehicle back to them in the least amount of time to make the inconvenience from an accident as short lived as possible.

We offer a wide range of services to suit your specific needs, and we’ve been providing such repairs for cars of various makes and models for over 35 years — from Volkswagen smash repairs, Toyota smash repairs, Mazda smash repairs to Hyundai smash repairs and more. So if you’re looking for expert quality automotive accident repairs and mechanical works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up through our telephone line at (02) 9569 7277. You can also leave a message in our contact page. In addition, you can avail of a free estimate by heading to our Free Quote page.

Collision Repair: Difficulty Shifting or Shifting to the Wrong Gear

This is one of the more obvious signs of a transmission damage observed by many shops offering collision repairs. This problem becomes evident when you hear loud, clunking noises whenever you try to shift gears. When you’ve been recently rear-ended, this causes some of the internal parts of your vehicle’s transmission to rattle around inside. This will then cause problems when shifting. These problems include the transmission getting stuck in a gear and shifting into the wrong gear.

Whether you may have had recently been rear-ended or not, as long as you start experiencing the said symptoms, it is best that you bring your vehicle to an auto body shop and have it checked.

Failing to have this problem fixed will result in even bigger and costlier problems in the long run. For example, broken pieces of metal may find themselves in your cooling system as they fall and mix with the coolant. When this happens, you run the risk of destroying your vehicle or create problems that are more expensive to repair.


Get Your Vehicle Checked Right Away

Rear-end collisions can cause several types of damage to your vehicle’s transmission such as those mentioned above. Not only does leaving these issues unchecked and continuously driving your vehicle under such condition put you, your passengers and other cars and pedestrians at risk, but it can also lead to more serious problems which require more expensive repairs in the future when you bring your car to a repair and auto body shop.

So when you notice any of the signs or symptoms of a damaged transmission after a collision mentioned above, make it a point to get in touch with a collision repair specialist and have them inspect your vehicle’s transmission. Once the problems and its roots have been identified, have them deal with it right away.

Collision Repair: Leaking Transmission Fluid

Like other components of your vehicle, your transmission is also prone to developing cracks after a rear-end collision. When your transmission does crack, it will start to leak transmission fluid. A leaking transmission is a serious problem as it can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and road worthiness. One of the signs that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid is when you notice that your transmission fluid levels are constantly low. Another sign is when you see transmission fluid (usually red in colour) on your garage’s floor. In any case, you should definitely bring your vehicle to a shop offering collision repairs and have it checked.

There isn’t any immediate danger when you drive your vehicle while the transmission fluid leaks. However, you should be aware that your vehicle may stall while you drive along. These can be a serious problem when you’re driving in dangerous roads such as the freeway or when you’re driving in an unknown area at night. Rather than risk finding yourself in such circumstances, it is better to have your mechanic check your transmission and fix the problem right away.

If you observe that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid — or even if you just suspect it to be so — bring your vehicle to an auto body shop and have their mechanics take a look as soon as possible. If left unchecked, a leaking transmission is bound to lead to worse problems which may further damage your vehicle.

Collision Repair: Slipping Transmission

A slipping transmission is one of the first signs that your vehicle has suffered transmission damage from a rear-end collision. When your transmission starts to slip, you will notice that your vehicle has a difficult time accelerating as you drive — and for most vehicle owners this is enough reason to bring their vehicles to an auto body shop for repairs. This may not be easily observable when you drive on a flat terrain, but you will certainly notice the problem when you’re trying to traverse an incline. Sometimes, you may even notice it even when you’re trying to merge with freeway traffic or get through an intersection. Eventually, your vehicle will reach your desired speed; however, it will take longer than usual.

If your transmission is slipping, you should certainly get it fixed right away by a shop that offers accident repairs. If you continue to drive with a slipping transmission, you may find yourself with bigger problems in the future. By driving your vehicle under such circumstances, you risk causing further damage to your transmission. And when you finally decide to have your transmission fixed, it will be likely that you’ll be needing and paying for more expensive repairs, causing you to spend more than what you may have initially spent. Aside from the added expense though, there are more serious problems that you may encounter by neglecting to repair your slipping transmission.

So by having your slipping transmission fixed right away, you make it much safer for you to drive your vehicle. Now of course bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop for such repairs will cost you money, and some vehicle owners may not have the money to put their vehicles under such repairs. In this case, you should consider using other modes of transportation like the mass transit or maybe a transport network vehicle service. This way, you avoid causing more damage to your vehicle and raise the cost of repairing it even more.

If you notice that your vehicle’s transmission is slipping after being rear-ended, you should definitely bring it to a shop that offers collision repairs and have their mechanic take a look. They should be able to detect the problem easily and perform the necessary repairs to keep your transmission from slipping.

Mazda Smash Repairs – Myths About Collision Repairs

A car accident can be a stressful and agonizing experience with so many things happening around from having to contact the insurance company, retaining the other driver’s personal and insurance details and taking your vehicle to a reliable auto body shop for Mazda smash repairs.

There are few myths about Mazda smash repairs that one should be aware of before heading to the auto body shop. Car owners feel that the insurance company determines which auto body shop one must choose. The fact is that the insurance company can only refer shops on its direct repair program, but the car owner is under no obligation to use the services. The insurance company can negotiate with the shop for a better quote.

Few car owners feel that insurance companies would cover any damage to the vehicle as part of Mazda smash repairs. The fact is that different insurance policies cover topics like liability, personal injury protection, collusion, comprehensive coverage etc. A car can never be restored to its previous condition is a myth because with modern day alignment machines and latest technology, it is very much possible to restore the damaged vehicle to its original condition.

Collision Repair: Transmission Damage from Rear-End Collisions

Depending on the severity of the accident, a rear-end collision can cause severe damage to the backside of your car or truck. Most vehicle owners who have been rear-ended bring their cars to an auto body shop to have the cracks and dents fixed — and the repairs usually end there. However, collisions such as these may have caused more damage to their vehicles — damages that go beyond the outside appearance of the vehicle and deep into its mechanical components. Yes, there may be other types of problems that your vehicle may have sustained as a result of the accident — like a transmission damage for instance, as evidenced by the many rear-ended vehicles that are brought to shops offering collision repairs.

Transmission damage is one issue that you should be concerned about if you’re been rear-ended. This is especially true if you’re driving a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle since the transmission is located towards the back of the vehicle. It shouldn’t be too much of a concern if you’re driving a front-wheel drive vehicle, unless you’re the one who rear-ended another vehicle.

As such, following such a crash, you have more problems to think about than a crumpled fender or dented bumper and may need the help of more than a panel beater. You’ll want a trained mechanic or technician to help you determine any other problems that the crash may have caused on your vehicle’s transmission following the crash. Keep in mind that there are several kinds of problems that your transmission may suffer from after being rear-ended, and the following are the ones that you should be on the lookout for.