Accident Repairs – Impact on the Vehicle’s Resale Value

According to leading insurance carriers, most of the accident repairs every year are relatively minor. Although minor accident repairs are taken care of swiftly via both party’s insurance, one tends to forget about the depreciation because of the accident repairs.

A car represents a substantial chunk of one’s tangible assets and hence one should consider the diminishing resale value when planning for Accident repairs. However with regular maintenance your vehicle can have a fairly stable depreciation rate. The diminishing value or, depreciation caused due to accident repairs is never covered by the vehicle insurance.

A recent survey of potential car owners found that almost 65% of people wouldn’t purchase a vehicle involved in a car accident. There are many factors to consider before deciding whether one should pursue litigation to recover for the damage and depreciation caused to your vehicle after an accident. The factors include the value of the vehicle prior to accident repairs, cost of litigation and age/make/model of the vehicle.

Are You Looking for the Best Panel Beating and Smash Repair Services in Sydney?

For many people, their homes are the largest investments they have ever made. Their motor vehicles also rank fairly high on the list of their largest investments. Given this scenario, it is easy to see why car owners should exercise great care and skill when driving their vehicles. It is always nice to drive a new car. Everything works perfectly. In addition, the car will also look superlative. But, with the passage of time, the look of the car could fade. Moreover, various wear and tear issues could arise over time too. In such situations, it is always best to deposit the car for regular servicing. Neglecting to do so could end up compromising the functionality and roadworthiness of the vehicle.

No matter how carefully you drive your car, you will never be able to eliminate the risk of collisions. The higher the number of vehicles plying on the roads, the greater the possibility of vehicular collisions taking place. Most car accidents are minor. However, this does not mean that your vehicle will not sustain any damage in a collision. Even minor collisions invariably leave marks of the incident on the surface of the car. Dents, dings and scratches are among the most common signs of car collisions. To set these right, you will need to deposit your car with the best providers of smash repairs in Marrickville or other places. Unfortunately, not many car owners do this. Instead, they leave their vehicles at the nearest repair facilities. Clearly, they will not always receive the best value for their money.

The best panel beating and smash repair companies will invariably:

  • Specialise in a wide range of panel repairs
  • Have several years of experience in the industry
  • Provide you with a detailed work estimate that indicates all the activities needed for restoring the original look of the vehicle
  • Use measuring systems for checking specific points of the car against the original sizing dimensions provided by the manufacturer
  • Be able to restore your vehicle to its original state as quickly as possible
  • Be able to provide adequate guarantees for the quality of their services and work
  • Be able to provide suitable guarantees for all the spare parts and components that they use
  • Help you in dealing with the formalities and paperwork that insurance companies typically need and,
  • Provide you with suitable courtesy cars to minimise the disruption not having a car of your own could cause

On all the counts specified above, Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs is the company to trust for quality smash repair services. We have been specialising in superlative Inner West smash repairs for more than 35 years. Unlike other repair companies, we can repair cars of all makes and models. So, whether you need Allianz or PEUGEOT smash repair services, we can give you optimal value for each dollar you spend.

It is worth highlighting that Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs is not a corporation. Rather, it is a family owned business. So, we’re well aware of the extent to which average Australians depend on their cars in their daily lives. This is precisely why we focus on returning your car to you in the least amount of time. Some repairs will certainly take longer than others. But, in many cases, we will be able to restore the original look of your car in minimal amounts of time. By utilising our services, you can expect to receive premium-quality automotive body and mechanical repair work. We tailor each job to the precise needs of our clients. This is why we’ve forged an unbeatable reputation in the automotive business. To share your requirements, call us on our 24-hour hotline at 1300 GO MPSR.

Offload Excess Weight to Improve the Fuel Efficiency and Performance of Your Car

When people first purchase cars, the vehicles function smoothly. Each part or component is brand-new. Hence, there will seldom be any issues that arise in terms of performance or functionality. With the passage of time, the vehicle will go through the regular wear and tear. As a result, certain issues will come to light every few months or so. Not all of these will require costly or time-consuming repairs. But, if ignored, these issues could lead to the emergence of problems that are more serious. Unfortunately, not all car owners heed the warning indicators that give hints that all is not well with the vehicle. Not surprisingly, when the car eventually breaks down or malfunctions, it is the owners who find themselves at a loss for words.

Experts in Citroen or VOLKSWAGEN smash repairs often do more than carry out the repairs the vehicle needs following a collision. In many cases, these professionals will carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle. They will scrutinise the vehicle and make a list of all the issues that require resolution. Thereafter, they will perform the necessary repairs and replace the damaged or worn-out parts and components. These professionals often provide various tips and suggestions to car owners about maintaining and servicing the vehicle. After all, a well-maintained car will function smoothly for longer. In some cases, car repair technicians might also deem fit to suggest that the car owner consider getting rid of excess weight in the car. Doing so could well improve the fuel efficiency and performance of the car.

In the airline sector, fuel costs consume the lion’s share of the operating costs that airline companies typically budget for. A reduction in the weight of the aircraft, invariably results in lower consumption of fuel. Over time, an aircraft that consumes lesser fuel will end up generating a substantial saving on fuel expenses. Similarly, if your vehicle carries excess weight, it will consume more fuel. So, if you want to spend lesser on fuel, consider:

  • Cleaning Out the Trunk: A lot of car owners dump a number of things in the trunk of the car. Then, they don’t even bother checking the trunk for months. It is worth mentioning that your car’s trunk is not a secondary storage facility. So, get rid of all the junk and unwanted items lying in the trunk of the car.
  • Replacing Steel Fibre Panels with Carbon: Carbon fibre panels are relatively more expensive than steel ones. But, they will yield significant savings over time. Similarly, it might be worthwhile replacing your steel hood and trunk lid with carbon fibre ones.
  • Getting Lighter Accessories and Components: Replace your fancy steel wheels with forged aluminium ones. Similarly, purchase lightweight tyres. If your car features power seats, consider replacing them with fixed-back racing bucket seats that are lighter. Collision repair experts estimate that doing this will make your car much lighter.
  • Removing the Broken Parts: Some cars feature broken or disused parts. In many cases, this is because the owners plan to repair these parts sometime in the future. However, the ideal time never arrives. As a result, the car features these parts that offer little to no value. Get rid of these broken power antenna motors and stereo systems and reduce the weight of your vehicle.

How Do Smash Repair Professionals Clean the Upholstery in a Car?

Oftentimes, car owners will pay a lot of attention to the exteriors of the vehicle. They will give the exterior surface a regular and thorough cleaning. They will wipe the windshield and the mirrors until they gleam. But, when it comes to the interior of the vehicle, they will not be as attentive. In many cases, this is probably because many people only judge a car based on what they can see. So, if the car looks good from the outside, it might not matter how it looks like from the interior.

As a result, not many car owners keep their cars as spic and span from the inside. Some individuals use their cars as mobile living and dining rooms. When this happens, things will invariably spill and stain the upholstery and the carpets. However, a number of car owners will not think twice about putting up with these stains and dirt marks. It is only when they cannot ignore the problem any further that they will consider taking action. In many cases, they will only take action when the situation necessitates QBE or CITROEN smash repairs.

Car repair technicians are not just fluent when it comes to repairing cars. They also possess a lot of expertise in dealing with a myriad of other car-related problems. This also extends to cleaning stained upholstery. Eating and drinking in the car will usually result in stains. When this happens, blotting the spill and absorbing the excess liquid is important. In some cases, the stain might not go away. To remove it, professional car cleaners will apply an upholstery cleaner. They will spray a small amount of this on the upholstery and wait for a few minutes. Then, they will scrub the stain with an old toothbrush and dry the soiled area with a clean cloth. They will repeat these steps until the stain disappears. Similarly, they will use a non-gel, white toothpaste to get rid of lipstick stains.

To remove ink stains from the upholstery, car cleaners will avoid rubbing the stain. Doing so could end up smearing the ink and making the stain larger. So, they will blot the area first and remove the excess ink. They will spray a small amount of hairspray on the stain and wait for some minutes. With clean and dry towels, they will wipe the area. They will repeat this until the stain goes away. In some cases, the use of alcohol might be worthwhile for removing ink stains. Dipping a cotton swab into the alcohol and applying it to the stained area could remove the stain.

For removing battery acid stains, panel beaters or car cleaners will rub a paste of baking soda and water into the spot. After two hours or so, they will wipe this off with a damp cloth. They will repeat this process until the stain disappears. Similarly, for removing gasoline stains, these professionals will treat the affected area with a mixture of a vinegar, a mild dish detergent and warm water. It is worth mentioning that the upholstery in your might feature moulds and mildew. This is especially so if you haven’t deposited your car for detailing or cleaning in a while. To remove moulds and mildew, professionals typically rely on products containing detergents and peroxide. These products will not only get rid of the stains. They will eliminate the odour as well.

How Should You Go About Selecting a Car Detailing Company in Your City?

You might not be aware of it, but the wear and tear of day-to-day driving can take its toll on even the safest of all drivers. The use of cars has been increasing with each passing year. As a result, a greater number of cars ply on Australian roads. This has also led to an increase in vehicular collision rates across the country. Regardless of how safely you might drive, you will seldom be able to prevent the appearances of nicks, scratches, chips and dents on the surface of your vehicle. These unsightly marks can mar the pristine look that your car once had. In some cases, even a thorough power washing might not be able to rid your car of all the dirt accumulated over time. In this scenario, it might be time to consider visiting any smash repair facility in Marrickville or other places to get your car detailed.

Auto detailers specialise in polishing, buffing and waxing vehicles splendidly. They can get rid of stubborn stains and dirt. In addition, they can easily set right a plethora of minor issues that are making your vehicle appear unsightly. Unlike amateurs, these professionals will rely on quality shampoos, soaps, scrub brushes etc. to make your vehicle look as good as new once again. In addition, these professionals will give due attention to the interiors of the vehicle too. The carpet and the upholstery of the car can wear down with the passage of time. The accumulation of filth and dirt, in addition to all kinds of spills, can damage your car’s interiors over time. Car detailers can not only give your car interiors a thorough cleaning. They will also be able to give your car a proper airing – thereby getting rid of any unpleasant odours that might be present in your vehicle. However, not all car detailing companies are the same. The services offered, the quality of those services and their tariffs will also vary from one company to the next. In this scenario, you will not be able to get by without doing your homework.

To ensure that you pick the best auto detailing firm in your neighbourhood, compare these firms based on:

  • The Services They Offer: If you want to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, look for an auto detailer who offers comprehensive detailing services. Go through the scope of the services offered. It might be best to look for a detailer whose basic services checks off as many boxes as possible. Thereafter, if you require any additional services, you could opt for them. It might also be worthwhile to look for a detailer who can deal with a specific concern that you might have. For instance, if you want to specifically get rid of all the pet’s hair and dander from the car, pick an auto detailer whose services include pet hair removal.
  • Their Pricing Model: Car detailing companies often use high-quality cleaning products. In addition, the cleaning they offer will always be more thorough as opposed to the services that carwash companies offer. Thus, their prices will be higher than those levied by carwash companies too. Look for auto detailing companies who offer superior services at affordable rates. This short-term investment will surely yield immense long-term value.
  • The Reviews Left by Previous Clients: When you need to look for the best company that offers NRMA or CITROEN smash repair services, you will consider the views of your friends, family members and colleagues. You might check review sites and online forums as well. The reviews and testimonials left by previous clients could give you a good pointer. They could help you learn from the experiences of previous customers.
  • Their Mobile Services: Taking your car to a car detailing facility might not always be convenient. In this scenario, check whether the auto detailing firm offers mobile services. Mobile car detailing companies will visit your location and provide the same level of high-quality services that they offer in their own facility.

What Are the Benefits of Utilising a Reputed Car Detailing Service?

Car detailing services are a dime a dozen in Australia. But, not all of them offer the same set of services. This is primarily because no guidebook or rules apply on the activities that constitute car detailing services. Hence, the scope of detailing services provided by collision repair companies will inevitably vary from one service provider to another. To cite an example, some car detailing companies clean the engine bay. However, many car owners don’t mind if their car detailers do not clean the engine bay. In some cases, this is because the owners do not mind what their vehicle looks like beneath the hood. In others, they feel that only professional mechanics should clean the engine bay.

Yet, having car detailers clean the engine bay can be beneficial. It could make it easier to identify and resolve any problems with the engine. And, if you plan to sell the vehicle soon, it might be worthwhile to let the detailers clean the engine. A vehicle with a clean engine bay will easily fetch you a better price than the one you have in mind. Besides these, there are various other benefits that you could derive by giving your car a thorough detailing. You could end up:

  • Enhancing the Value of Your Vehicle: As mentioned earlier, car detailing can make any car look glossier and sleeker. Depending on the condition of the car and its paintwork, car detailing could make your vehicle look as good as new. So, if you can keep your car in a good condition, it could fetch you a better price when you put it up for sale. This is especially true about older or classic vehicles. Buyers will usually not mind paying a higher price for a car that looks as good as new as opposed to a car that requires detailing.
  • Giving Your Vehicle Additional Protection from the Elements: Not all car owners can afford sheltered garages to keep their vehicles safe from the elements. And, if you’re travelling, you might not always be able to find a place where you can park your car in a sheltered facility. Prolonged exposure to the elements can lead to the manifestation of several wear and tear issues. Even in sheltered parking areas, cars remain exposed to icy or scorching winds, dirt, dust etc. Car detailing provides additional level of protection against the elements. Detailers will routinely apply a wax coat to the exterior painted surface. This helps in protecting the finish of the vehicle from contamination and oxidation.
  • Having Various Latent Car-Related Concerns Addressed: Many REAL and Zurich smash repair facilities offer car detailing services in Australia. Detailing jobs typically involve giving the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle a thorough cleaning and repairing. However, they also include taking care of any minor repair work as well. As the professionals examine and detail your car, they could come across various issues that might affect the performance and functionality of the vehicle. So, instead of having to deal with a sudden breakdown, a car detailing could enable you to fix problems proactively.

It is worth mentioning that the cost of a car detailing will depend on the type of car you have. In addition, the kind of detailing services you need will also exert an influence on the overall cost of the detailing. For instance, if you require additional services such as clay bar treatment, leather conditioning and pet hair removal, you will need to pay more. Similarly, if you opt for mobile car detailing services, you will need to pay more. This is because the car detailers will visit your location at a convenient time instead of your having to deposit the car at their facility.

What Car Detailing Services Do Smash Repair Companies in Australia Typically Provide?

Using their vehicles each time they need to go somewhere is something that many car owners do without thinking. This highlights the importance of a car in contemporary times. Without a vehicle, you might well have to rely on public transport. Not all places offer superb levels of connectivity to the public transport grid. But, even in places where you can rely on public transport, the fact that you can go anywhere you want to, makes owning a car highly convenient. Having said that, you will need to take good care of your vehicle too. Only then will it last you for years. So, you will need to ensure that you service and maintain the vehicle regularly. In addition, you will need to give it a good wash each week or so.

Some people leave their vehicles at carwash facilities. These facilities typically give the car a quick clean-up. However, not all carwash companies offer car detailing services. Many people might make the mistake of thinking that a car wash and a car detailing denote the same thing. However, this is not true. A car wash will usually involve cleaning the exterior of the car with water. In some cases, carwash companies could vacuum the interiors of the car too. But, car detailing typically refers to a more comprehensive clean-up involving the interior and the exterior of the car. Many Allianz and Prestige car repair companies offer car detailing services these days, in addition to their regular services.

A typical car wash will only provide a fraction of the cleaning that your car needs. As a result, a car wash is much cheaper than a car detailing. Because it only covers a small portion of the vehicle, the cost and the outcome are much lesser. In contrast, a car detailing is both, more thorough and comprehensive. A typical car detailing involves interior detailing and exterior detailing. In the former, the professionals will vacuum and shampoo the upholstery within the car thoroughly. This will get rid of all the stains and dirt accumulated over time. Some cars usually feature leatherwork in the interiors. To remove the dirt ingrained in the leatherwork, car detailing professionals will condition and scrub the car. Similarly, they will clean and dress plastic and vinyl material inside the car. Lastly, they will clean and polish the glass in the interiors of the car.

Car exteriors endure a lot each time you use the car. Hence, they get the lion’s share of the attention from car detailing professionals. These professionals give the car exteriors an exhaustive wash to remove as much dirt as possible. The detailers allow the soap to foam. This helps in softening the dirt and mud, which makes them easier to get rid of. It goes without saying that the wheels of a car are invariably the dirtiest parts of the car. So, car detailing professionals will remove the dust from the wheels, brake callipers and lug nuts with the help of special brushes and wheel cleaning products. Following this, the car detailers will wash the paintwork using washing mittens and soft microfibre towels. Thereafter, they will use automotive clay bar for claying the paintwork. This is instrumental for removing the tightly bonded dirt that has adhered to the surface of the car.

Some smash repair companies in Marrickville and other places also include minor repairing jobs in their car detailing services. So, as and when needed, car detailers will polish the paint to remove any light scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. Polishing the paintwork could be a manual activity. On occasions, the detailers could use a polishing machine as well. In many cases, this is the activity that consumes the most time in car detailing. However, the time taken for carrying out this activity will also depend on the state of the car and its paintwork. Lastly, the detailers will wax the paint to give it an additional protective layer. The wax used will give the car a sleeker and glossier look. The end of the detailing exercise involves cleaning the remaining exterior parts e.g. the windows and other rubber components. Detailers will polish and methodically clean these parts. Thereafter, they will apply the finishing touches needed in all corners of the car’s body.

An Overview of Car Detailing Services

Having a car can be quite a convenience. You could use it to commute to work each day. In addition, you could use it to enjoy your weekend or vacation getaways. Similarly, each time you need to visit friends or relatives or perform a myriad of errands, a car could be your best ally. A vehicle has become such a necessity in contemporary lives that people often take it for granted. Thus, it is only when the vehicle is at the garage or service centre that many car owners realise the value of having a car.

A large number of people will only deposit their vehicles at the local garage or service station once it starts malfunctioning or once it breaks down. However, prudent car owners don’t wait for problems to start manifesting themselves before they visit the local garage or repair facility. Instead, they will make it a point to deposit their vehicles at the nearest smash repair facility in Marrickville and other places regularly. Doing so would go a long way towards ensuring that the vehicle remains in prime condition at all times.

Smash repair companies typically offer a wide range of services. In many cases, their primal role will involve repairing and fixing vehicles damaged in collisions. However, they will not confine themselves to these repair activities only. They will also offer car painting services. In addition, they will be able to remedy a number of small issues with the cars as well. For instance, if you want to replace the upholstery or remove a few dents from the body of the car, these professionals will be able to handle these activities to your satisfaction. And, if you want to customise the vehicle, these professionals will do it in a manner that suits your personal tastes and preferences.

Similarly, many smash repair companies offer car detailing services too. Car detailing is nothing more than giving the vehicle a comprehensive cleaning from top to bottom. Professionals use specialised tools and products for detailing cars. In some cases, car detailers would be able to carry out some light cosmetic touch-ups. However, it is worth mentioning that car detailing does not usually include paintwork or body repairs.

Car detailing typically denotes the cleaning and reconditioning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. So, professionals will usually eliminate scratches and swirl marks to restore the paintwork. In quite a few cases, this will make the vehicle look as good as new. Many people consider car detailing and car washing as synonymous terms. But, this is certainly not the case. Both terms refer to different things.

A car wash will usually get rid of all the dirt and the grime outside the car. In some cases, if you were to clean the interiors of the car with a vacuum, you might be able to get rid of some dust and dirt. However, car detailing goes much beyond this. In many cases, car detailing will involve buffing up any imperfections in the vehicle and polishing it or vacuuming it as well. Thus, the car will usually end up looking like a brand-new vehicle, fit for displaying in a showroom. Several Inner West smash repair companies offer car detailing services. But, the detailing services of one company will vary from those offered by another. So, if you want to avail of car detailing services, always check the scope of the services offered before you leave your car at a facility.

How Do Smash Repair Professionals Usually Deal with Dent Repairs?

Some people value their vehicles greatly. So, they will not just be content with driving their car whenever they need to carry out any errand. In some cases, they will accessorise their car as well. Some accessories might be useful in enhancing the functionality of the car. Others might serve only a superficial or cosmetic purpose. On the road though, these vehicles will easily stand apart from the rest. This aspect is one of the biggest reasons behind the increasing popularity of car accessories in Australia. However, accidents can take place at any time, anywhere. And, when they do occur, the body of the vehicle will undoubtedly bear the brunt of the impact. Such collisions will typically necessitate a comprehensive range of QBE or ALLIANZ smash repairs.

Estimates suggest that a vast majority of car collisions are minor in nature. Thus, the people in the cars involved in the collision usually escape unscathed or sustain minor injuries. But, the body of the vehicles usually sustains most of the damage. Even in minor collisions, the impact could leave a number of dents, dings and scratch marks on the body of the vehicle. Thus, the vehicle could continue to function as it was prior to the collision. But, not many car owners would want to use a car that features a lot of dents and scratches on its body. So, they will invariably deposit the vehicle at the local smash repair centre.

A dent or a scratch will not affect the performance of your car. However, the presence of these blemishes will certainly make the car unsightly. Some dents are quite small. You could get them by bumping against the garage wall or a flowerpot accidentally. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to seek professional assistance for remedying these dents. In fact, you could probably take care of them by yourself. But, you will need to possess some knowledge on the best way to fix these dents. In addition, you will need the right tools and equipment.

When smash repair professionals need to repair dents, they will drill a hole in the centre of the dent. They will insert a dent-pulling tool in the hole and pull on it. Pulling the dent-pulling tool repeatedly will make the dent pop out or appear flat. At this point, the technicians will remove the dent-pulling tool out of the hole. Thereafter, the technicians will gently hammer the back of the dent on the other side of the metallic sheet that featured the dent. Once the surface appears smooth, they will cease using the dolly or metalworking hammer. When the dent appears smooth, the collision repair professionals will fill the hole they had drilled with a body filler. Then, they will cover the area with a suitable touch-up paint. Thus, the vehicle will look as good as new without any unsightly dents.

What Differentiates Minor Car Accidents from Major Ones?

No one likes being involved in a car accident. This is regardless of whether the collision is a major or a minor one. The experience can be a numbing one. In the aftermath of any collision, not many people can think straight. So, having to deal with the numerous details that a collision typically entails can seem quite cumbersome. One of the first things that you should deal with is to check that all the people involved in the collision are fine. Once you have verified this, then you will need to determine whether the collision is a minor or a major one.

Many insurance companies require their customers to avoid admitting responsibility for either the collision or the extent of damage caused. However, you will still need to provide and obtain certain details before you can call your smash repair facility in Marrickville or other places to fetch your vehicle. Some of these details include:

  • The full names of the people involved
  • Their addresses
  • The registration numbers of the vehicles involved and,
  • The names and addresses of the vehicle owners and the drivers (or their representatives)

In addition, you will need to ascertain whether the person driving the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle too.

In a minor car accident, the police might not need to attend the crash site. But, you will still need to report the crash via the Police Assistance Line. A minor crash will usually feature all the aspects listed below:

  • None of the people involved in the collision will have any injuries
  • None of the vehicles involved in the collision will require towing
  • The people involved in the collision will have exchanged all the details specified above
  • No police officer will ask for any of the necessary details listed above
  • Barring the vehicles involved in the collision, there has been no property damage and,
  • None of the drivers shows any obvious signs of (or admits to being) under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs

The points listed below indicate the characteristics of major car accidents. Even if one of these aspects features in a car crash, the authorities will treat the collision as a major accident.

  • The collision has resulted in some fatalities
  • Any of the vehicles will require towing (in addition to collision repair) services
  • The collision has resulted in vehicle as well as property damage
  • Any person involved in the collision refuses to exchange details with other drivers or vehicle owners involved in the collision
  • A driver involved in the collision is under or appears to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, and is manifesting various signs of this including:
    • Slurred speech
    • The smell of alcohol
    • The inability to stand still or walk properly

The authorities require the people involved in the collision to report major car accidents to the police. In addition, the police will require various details of the circumstances and the people involved in the collision. It goes without saying that you will need to report a major crash at the earliest possible. Failure to do this could lead to the issuance of a penalty notice.