Car repair specialists often use a repair technique known as Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART). This technique is becoming increasingly popular for carrying out a number of cosmetic repairs to a vehicle. These repairs not only consume minimal amounts of time. They are immensely affordable as well. This is why many body shops use these specialised methods for repairing minor damage to the body of the vehicle. Smart repairs are ideal for repairing:


  • Scuff marks on the vehicle’s bumper
  • Alloy wheel rims and,
  • The interior trim of the car


SMART repair methods are ideal for repairing superficial or cosmetic damage to the vehicle. Thus, they will usually not require the repair technicians to replace, or respray multiple panels on the car. This aspect helps in keeping the repair expenses affordable. In addition, it ensures that the car owner does not need to stay without a car for long stretches of time either. The repair technicians will often use quality paints and materials (including specially designed spray guns) for repairing the damaged area. But, they will also ensure that the damaged area blends into the undamaged area of the car. This means that the damaged area of the car will effectively look as good as when the car was new.

Many people hold the misconception that the low price of SMART repair jobs makes them low in quality as well. However, this is not the case. Repair technicians or panel beaters will usually not need to spend loads of time for repairing the damage to the car. Nor will they need to replace anything. These factors help in keeping the repair expenses to a bare minimum.


For instance, consider a situation where the door of your car features a dent. Or, consider a situation where scratch marks abound on your car’s bumper. In both these situations, the damage is in a specific area. So, the workers will need to carry out the necessary repairs in these specific areas. In contrast, the average car repair shop will typically recommend painting the entire side of the car. This will certainly make the repair process lengthier, thereby adding to your expenses. It is worth highlighting that SMART repair service providers can usually repair cars on the same day. This is eventually what makes SMART repairs cheaper and quicker, without compromising the quality of the repairs.