Auto Body Shop Basics: What Is Car Detailing and What Makes It So Important?

Maintaining a vehicle entails a lot of work—from oil changes to tire replacements and so on. If you own a car, a van or a truck, bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop for regular maintenance and checks will be a part of your routine. However, there is one maintenance activity that many vehicle owners often forget, and that is auto detailing. But what is auto detailing and why is it so important for a vehicle owner?

What Is Auto Detailing?

Many vehicle owners often mistake auto detailing for customisation. They often think that when they take their vehicle to an auto body shop and avail of auto detailing services, it involves the installation of some decals or vinyl or painting the vehicle with some form of artwork.

Auto detailing, in its most basic sense, is a thorough cleaning of your vehicle and making sure that it looks at its best after the process, down to the very last detail. Most auto body shops as well as some shops that offer smash repairs in Sydney will offer both exterior detailing and interior detailing, which as their names suggests, are cleaning services for the outside and inside of your vehicles.

Exterior Detailing

The very first thing that people notice when they see any vehicle is its exteriors. This is why many auto detailers in reputable auto body shop devote a substantial amount of time and effort into exterior detailing since not only do they want to make the vehicle look clean but make it look as closely to what it was when it was brand new. Auto detailers will work on the various exterior components of the vehicle such as the tires, rims, windows and others.

There are several processes involved in exterior detailing. First off would be the washing and drying stage where detailers will use a high-power washer and mild detergent to remove dirt and debris from the vehicle’s surface. This is followed by clay work which involves the use of a clay bar to remove contaminants that weren’t removed during the washing process. After this, the vehicle is polished to give it a nice shine and then a sealant and wax is applied to further make the vehicle glossy and give it protection against the elements.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing, as the name suggests, refers to cleaning the inside of the vehicle. Here, auto detailers in the auto body shop will vacuum the flooring and upholstery including the panels and glove compartments. Scrubbing and shampooing may also be conducted and is in fact necessary to ensure that germs and bacteria are eliminated. Once this is done, the vehicle goes through another set of vacuuming for a more thorough clean, and then deodorizer is used to help the vehicle smell fresh and clean.

What Are Some of the Most Modern Techniques Used for Carrying Out Smash Repairs in Contemporary Times?

Not many people can do without their vehicles for even a day. As such, being involved in a car accident can be quite vexing. If the car ends up sustaining significant amount of damages, you’ll likely need to hire a car for managing your daily needs. But, even minor damage to your car might necessitate your having to leave it at a reputed repair shop for some time. Even if you’re not involved in a car accident or collision, you’ll need to get your car serviced. After all, the longer you use your car, the more it will experience various wear and tear issues. Some decades back, even regular servicing jobs were sufficient for putting your car out of action for a few weeks at least. This is not the case nowadays. This is because technological advancements have come about, which have transformed the manner in which body repair shops carry out repair and servicing jobs.

Some of the most recent techniques to have emerged for repairing vehicles in the automotive sector include:

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR): When one car collides with another car (or surface), dents will result. In the past, repairing such dents was quite a labour intensive process. With PDR techniques, this is no longer the case. PDR specialists typically press, knead and rub down the areas with dents. For dents in hard-to-reach areas, they use various fill and spray methods.


  • Auto Paint Match: Repainting the entire body of the car is necessary if you want to remove the graphics from it or any visible dents. Repair technicians typically use a photo spectrometer for evaluating the original colour of the car. Thereafter, they do a computerised auto paint colour match to determine the colour that will match the original colour perfectly. After the completion of such a paint job, your car will look as good as new.


  • Body Frame Straightening: Accidents and collisions could leave traces of lateral and longitudinal damage on the car. To deal with such smash repairs in Sydney and other cities, repair technicians will typically use a computerise system that uses ultrasound technology. This system will provide accurate measurements of the problems with the alignment of the frame. Thereafter, it will use laser technology to restore the frame to its original state.


  • SMART Repairs: For dealing with non-structural damages, SMART repairs are the way to go. With the help of simple equipment, technicians will be able to eliminate minor dents and scratches with minimal fuss. In many cases, auto body shops offer mobile SMART repair services too. As such, you won’t need to visit the body shop for depositing your car. Instead, the technicians will be able to provide onsite repair services.

Smash Repairs in Sydney: Common Myths about Paintless Dent Removal

When it comes to smash repairs in Sydney, vehicle owners like you will usually have several repair options to choose from. For instance, you can either go for a full and complete auto body repair and restoration, or one that focuses on repairing small damages like paintless dent removal or PDR. Paintless Dent Removal is one type of auto body repair that vehicle owners avail of whenever their car suffers from dents and dings which are caused by a myriad of unfortunate mishaps. There are several benefits of PDR, which is why many people prefer this repair method, but equally as many are the myths and misconceptions that often clouds many people’s understanding of what PDR is all about. These myths, or believing in them that is, can be dangerous to both your car and your wallet, which is why you need to at least be aware of some of these myths and the truth about them so that you will be able to make a wiser decision the next time you think of availing of PDR services for your vehicle. Before going to the myths though, here is a brief overview about what paintless dent removal is