Checking for Short Circuits

Another issue that happens to auto electrical and electronic wires and components after a collision is short circuit. This is very commonly observed by technicians working in collision repair shops.

This usually happens because during a collision, the wires gets pinched or severed. This kind of check is usually done by first setting the multi-meter in the same manner as you would with the continuity check. After that, the test leads of the multi-meter is attached to the opposing ends of the adjoining wires. With regard to the reading, a reading of infinity should be observed on the meter. This is because the wires are insulated. On the other hand, if the reading shows zero, then that means that the wires are shorted to ground or another ground wire.

Again, because of the dangers associated with these kind of diagnostic tests, it should only be conducted by a trained professional and a safe environment like a collision repair shop.

Checking for Continuity

It should be that a circuit remains closed and operational if it has continuity. In fact, a continuity check for electrical and electronic wires and components is recommended in all service manuals. This kind of diagnosis is done in order to see if the electrical circuit is completely closed and has no opens.

Just so you know, the continuity check is generally conducted in the following fashion. First, the range selector is set to the highest resistance range possible. Then the multi-meter test leads are connected to the opposite ends of the electrical or electronic wire or component being tested. Finally, the technician reads the multi-meter. If the reading shows zero, then it means that there’s continuity. Alternatively if it shows infinite reading, then there’s an open circuit. Again, this is not to encourage you to do the test or reading on your own. Instead, this is to give you awareness of how the procedure is done.

Testing Electrical Circuits

Auto electrical technicians working in collision repair shops usually make use of two main methods to test electrical circuits. First is by using a simple 12-volt test light, and second is with the use of a multi-meter.

The 12-volt test light is device composed of a sharp probe, a ground wire with alligator clip and a 12-volt light bulb. The technician uses this by touching the probe to a positively charged electrical component and the other to a negative battery post. The presence of power in the circuit is determined by the light bulb turning on or not.

Although the 12-volt test light is effective, many collision repair shops make use of a multi-meter. This is because there are far more many uses for this device than the regular 12-volt test light. In fact, car manufacturers recommend the use of a multi-meter because it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t cause any damage to the delicate electrical components of the vehicle.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are very popular nowadays. This is especially after the growing push for a more eco-friendly means of transportation. However, it should be noted that these types of vehicles often have more electrical and electronic components than most other types of vehicles. Thus, when your hybrid cars experience any auto electrical problems after collision, it is best to bring them to a collision repair shop with experience in dealing with these particular types of vehicles.

For example, electric and hybrid cars have batteries that generate much higher voltages than the regular 12-volt systems. In addition, these batteries run with direct current instead of alternating current. Thus, they carry more voltages than other types of batteries. They can range anywhere between 100-300 volts at any given time.

This can be rather dangerous and no DIY repair should be attempted in this case. It is best to contact a collision repair shop and let their experts deal with it. But just so know, high voltage cables in these types of batteries and vehicles are coloured orange. When you see these, steer clear of them and never, ever touch them.

Physical Inspection

In general, auto electrical diagnosis and repairs will start with a physical inspection. The goal here is to spot any obvious signs of damage to the vehicle’s auto electrical system. A collision repair expert — who may also be an expert auto electrician or panel beater — should know which suspected or damaged areas to inspect.

There will be cases when some electrical or electronic components need to be removed or pulled apart. The same is true with some wirings. A capable auto electrician should know when this is necessary. This is done in order to conduct a deeper investigation of the damage. In instances where the damage is merely a disconnected wire, the auto technician only needs to plug it back in. You can actually do this yourself if you know which wire goes where. Otherwise, it is best to leave this task to a knowledgeable technician.

An Increased Need for Auto Electrical Repairs

Recent years have seen an increase in the amount of auto electrical and electronic components in vehicles. Because of this, there is now a greater chance of them being damaged after a collision. Experts in Peugeot and Ford smash repairs will tell you the same thing.

For example, in frontal impacts (or when the front of the car is involved in the accident), many of the electrical wirings running under the hood usually gets damaged. These damages will render many of the parts connected to them useless. Needless to say, this can negatively impact the performance of the vehicle. Citroen smash repairs specialists has seen this happen a myriad of times.

Along that line, many modern vehicles have fuse boxes installed under their hood. To be more specific, they are usually located near one of the front fenders. Thus, again, in the event of a frontal collision, this is one of the components that has a high likelihood of being damaged. Many parts of a modern vehicle rely on this particular component, so a single damage to the fuse box can result to a whole lot of problems for the vehicle. This necessitates the need to bring your vehicle to a Sydney smash repairs expert.

Auto Electrical Repairs

As mentioned earlier, modern vehicles have more electrical and electronic components than ever. Many of these perform critical functions that contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle. Without these, we may not benefit from the many conveniences that modern vehicles provide. This basically sums up the need for auto electrical repairs after a collision.

If you ask auto electrical specialist, you will learn that electrical and electronic problems can be a challenge to solve. This is why the services of a collision repair shop is necessary. Auto electrical repairs are not something that should be done at home. This is especially true if you have limited knowledge of auto electrical and electronic components.

Though it’s not recommended that you DIY your auto electrical repairs, you should at least be aware of what goes into the process. By having a basic understanding of auto electrical components and wirings and getting accustomed to the repair procedure, you reduce or eliminate any chance of you being ripped off by the collision repair shop. Not that you have to worry about being scammed, especially when you bring your vehicle to a reputable Sydney smash repairs shop.

Collision Repair: Auto Electrical Problems Post-Collision

One of the most important phases of collision repair is diagnosing and fixing any electrical issues caused after an accident. As important as it is, this part of the repair is not the first thing on the vehicle owner’s minds. This is mainly because they are more concerned about the external damages to their vehicle. However, auto electrical repairs are critical to ensure that the vehicle operates properly. This is especially true when you consider that vehicles nowadays have more electrical components than their older counterparts.

On a side note, you need to make sure that you choose the right Sydney smash repairs specialist every time. This is so you can be sure of the quality of work that will go into your vehicle. Besides, insurance like NRMA smash repairs or Allianz smash repairs are willing to cover repairs which are not conducted professionally. So to avoid any issues down the road—safety, performance, and insurance claims wise—choose only Prestige Car Repair.

Get Professional Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is not just another luxury, but rather is a part of being a responsible car owner. Aside from having a clean and healthy vehicle, you also get the benefit of having a great-looking car despite its age, and thereby enjoy a higher resale value should you decide to sell your vehicle in the future. And just like when looking for inner city smash repairs, the challenge perhaps is finding the right auto detailer to trust with your car. There are many of them out there, but be sure not to choose the first shop that you see. Instead, do your research and follow the tips mentioned above.

If you are looking for a reputable auto detailer whom you can count on for a thorough and professional detailing service, look no further. We have well-trained personnel and the right tools and equipment necessary to ensure that your car is fresh and just like new when you drive it out of our shop. In addition to auto detailing, we also offer smash repair services like CGU smash repairs, Ford smash repairs, Honda smash repairs, and smash repairs services for all brands and models of vehicles. To learn more about our host of services and why we are considered as one of the best shops that offer smash repairs in Sydney, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Affiliations and Organization Memberships

Some auto body shops that offer car detailing services will usually be affiliated with other companies and organizations. For instance, a certain auto body shop may be affiliated with a certain car manufacturer, which usually means that the people there are trained in some ways to deal with the manufacturer’s product. Also, in some cities and states, there are organizations of auto detailers, and hiring the services of a shop that is affiliated with them is always a good idea since this means that their quality and standard of service is regulated by the said organization. Keep in mind that only a reputable auto body shop that offers auto detailing is accepted in such organizations.

No matter what kind or level of auto detailing you require, keep the above in mind will help to make sure that you don’t end up with the wrong service provider. In addition, if you find an auto body shop that offers auto detailing which you are most satisfied with, consider patronizing that shop. Some reputable auto body shops are more than willing to give discounts or even free special services like oil or fluid checks to repeat customers.