Why Are Many Car Owners Increasingly Turning to SMART Repair Professionals These Days?

Being involved in a collision is bad enough by itself. Having to deal with the repercussions of the collision can be even worse. On the one hand, you’ll need to deal with the legal issues surrounding the collision i.e. witnesses, the third party etc. But, it can be quite deflating to realise that you’ll probably not be able to use your car for a week or two, if not more. For, it goes without saying that any collision repairs will consume some amount of time. In the past, even the smallest scratches and dents required extensive repair work. Repair technicians would not merely need to devote their time and attention to the damaged area. In many cases, they would need to deal similarly with the adjoining panels as well. Naturally, this would involve a greater amount of work. This, in turn, would take more time, while inflating the repairing expenses too.

In contrast, SMART repair serves to save both the time and the money of the vehicle owner. SMART repair technicians typically focus on repairing only the damaged areas of the car. As such, they do not need to repair the entire surface of the vehicle for resolving a scratch on the bumper or a dent on the door panel. The lesser work needed for repairing the vehicle, the lesser it will cost you. In addition, the lesser time needed for repairing the vehicle also mean that you can get to use your car sooner rather than later. These are some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of SMART car repairs. Some people might feel that minor dents and scratches do not affect the performance of the car. This might be true to an extent. But, these scratches and dents can damage the monetary value of the car. This is particularly so if you’re planning to sell it soon. This is why it’s good to get your car repaired as soon as possible.

What Kinds of Repair Work Can Body Shops Providing SMART Repair Services Typically Deal With?

As mentioned earlier, SMART repairs will not be able to rectify structural damage to the car. In contrast, it is ideal for focusing on small areas of damage – no larger than an A4 sheet of paper. SMART repair technicians use these techniques for repairing scuffs, chips and scratches that affect the appearance of the vehicle. Some of the most popular applications for SMART repairs comprise:

  • Alloy Wheel Repair: Visiting a regular auto body shop to replace your factory-fitted alloys can be quite costly. With SMART repairs, the process becomes much simpler. The alloy wheel refurbishment specialist will sand down the damaged area on the wheel. Occasionally, the specialist might need to fill and repaint the damaged area to avoid leaving a mark.
  • Dashboard Repair: Cars involved in collisions might feature damaged dashboards. To repair this, SMART repair technicians will fill, replicate and re-colour the damaged area.
  • Bumper Repair: Cars typically feature textured or painted plastic bumpers. The repair technicians will match the paint colour and the finish for a perfect repair.
  • Fabric Repair: Fabric seat covers and carpets in cars often go through significant levels of wear and tear. They might sustain damage with rips and cigarette burns too. To repair this, the fabric repair specialist will cut away the damaged area. Then, the specialist will blend a mix of small fibres for matching the surrounding fabric of the carpet or the seat. Thereafter, the specialist will use a lining fabric for backing the repair area, before building it up with the fibres and a bonding solution.
  • Leather Repair: A number of cars feature leather seats, door panels, gear lever gaiters and steering wheel covers. With the passage of time, these could become worn, scratched or scuffed. Previously, car owners would have needed to replace the leather finish. This would, quite naturally, be cost prohibitive. In contrast, SMART repair workers can repair and re-colour the worn areas with minimal fuss.
  • Paint Scratch Repair: SMART repair workers can easily deal with scuffs and scratches while carrying out Prestige smash repairs. These marks typically appear on wheel arches, wings, mirror housings and door mouldings. To resolve this, these workers will rub down, prime and repaint the damaged area with paint that matches the original colour of the vehicle. This will blend the paint into the surrounding area. Then, they will apply a fast curing lacquer, before polishing the panel.
  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR): This technique is ideal for removing all kinds of minor dings and dents from cars. In particular, it doesn’t result in any damages to the car panel. Skilled PDR operators will typically massage the dent until it reverts to its original shape. This technique is ideal for resolving issues arising from hailstone storm dents, shopping trolley dents etc.
  • Windscreen Repair: It goes without saying that windscreen chips and scratches can be quite unsightly. In addition, they can impair the vision of the driver. To deal with these issues, the workers will clean the cracks and chips thoroughly. Then, they will use a vacuum to suck out the moisture and air from the cracks. Following this, they will fill the damage with resin. Lastly, they will use an ultraviolet light technology for hardening the resin. Thereafter, they will clean the excess resin and polish the area.
  • Stone Chip Repair: SMART repair workers can resolve these issues by touching in with a brush. They will typically rub down the chips and scuffs and prime them. Lastly, they will use colour-matched paint to restore the paintwork to its original condition.

What Are SMART Repairs?

For the uninitiated, SMART repairs denote Small-to-Medium Area Repair Technology repairs. This repair process emerged during the last two decades. It refers to the process of repairing cars with the help of various specialised tools and procedures such as high-tech paint etc. When used to fix small areas of damage, SMART repairs can be extremely worthwhile. In particular, you should consider SMART repairs when the damaged area is less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper. However, be mindful that SMART repairs are ideal for dealing with non-structural damage only.

When people take their vehicles to body shops for repairs, they would typically end up paying significant amounts of money for relatively small repairs. The emergence of SMART repairs transformed this scenario. For minor repairs such as stone-chip repairs, bumper repairs and dent repairs, people only needed to pay a fraction of the costs. Previously, repair technicians typically carried out all bodywork restoration with traditional equipment and techniques. As such, even if the damaged area was small, they would spend time in repairing and painting all (or the adjoining) panels. With time, the scope of SMART repairs increased as well. Today, many body repair shops carry out interior trim repairs, windscreen repairs and alloy wheel repairs as part of their SMART repair services.

The SMART repair system initially began as an alternative for full re-sprays for chipped paintwork. With the passage of time, it evolved into an entirely new discipline, which was quite different from conventional body shop repair techniques. All aspects of SMART repairs focus on small, concentrated areas of cosmetic bodywork and interior damage. As such, it can remedy issues such as scratched, chipped and dented paintwork in the body of the car. And, it can resolve issues concerning damaged bumpers and scuffed or kerbed alloys.

SMART repair techniques typically focus on micro repair as opposed to macro repair. Moreover, they do not require specialist environments and expensive machinery. This is why the repair work will not consume much time. In addition, it will be quite cheap too. In many cases, SMART repair technicians can complete Ford or Honda smash repairs within a few hours. This is why many vehicle owners throughout the country are taking to this method of car repairs in Australia.

What Does Any Vehicular Collision Repair Process Typically Involve?

It is bad enough for anyone to be involved in any kind of car accident or collision. Going through an experience like this can be quite unnerving or shocking. But, the process of getting your car repaired and back in working order can be even more tiresome. If you’ll be depositing your car at a body repair shop, you will need to find an alternative means of transport. This is a process by itself. Then, you’ll need to liaise with the repair technicians and the insurance company as well. This consumes so much time and effort that many people end up feeling intimidated by the entire ordeal.

To eliminate such hassles, it is always better to consider Prestige smash repairs in a reputed and reliable body shop. These professionals usually have immense experience in dealing with all kinds of collisions and damages. As such, they will not only walk you through the entire process. In many cases, they will even liaise with the insurance company for carrying out the relevant repairs.

When you take your car to the repair shop, the technician will examine the vehicle thoroughly. Based on the inspection, the technician will itemise the repairs needed and provide an estimate for the same. The estimate will not merely specify the repair work needed and the cost for each kind of repair. Some collision repair shops even provide an estimate of the time needed for carrying out the repair work.

It is worth mentioning that not all vehicular damage might be apparent initially. Some damages might only come to light when the repair technician disassembles the car. As such, these body shops will only provide an official report once they have identified all the damage to the car. This report typically forms the blueprint for restoring the car to its pre-accident state.

The insurance company, in conjunction with you, will scan the estimate and approve the work. This approval leads to the commencement of the repair process. The technicians will disassemble the vehicle and identify the damages thoroughly. For frame damages, these professionals will use specialised machinery. This equipment is necessary for verifying and recording the condition of the frame. After replacing or repairing the damaged panels, your car will move to the paint shop. Here, the painting specialists will prime, sand and seal the vehicle first. They will then closely match the paint to the original shade before commencing the paintwork. This will ensure that the repaired area is virtually undistinguishable from the rest of the car.

Once the body shop has carried out the necessary CGU or Ford smash repairs, it will reassemble the vehicle. This will typically involve adding all the trim pieces and decals. It will involve repairing or replacing the glass damage as well. Among other things, the repair technicians will also inspect the alignment of the wheels and tyres. If found to be awry, the technicians will make the necessary adjustments. The final stage of repairs will involve inspecting the vehicle to ensure that it’s interiors and exteriors are in perfect shape. As such, the technicians will wash away all the accumulated dust and debris. They will polish the new paint to give it an additional lustre. Finally, they will carry out a road test to check the roadworthiness of the repaired vehicle.

Deal with Collision Repairs the SMART Way to Give Your Car a Makeover

Oftentimes, people don’t think twice when it comes to heading out in their cars. This is especially so for people who enjoy driving. Once on the road, these individuals typically operate on autopilot mode. However, with each passing day, the number of vehicles plying on the roads continues to increase. This might appear strange when one considers the fact that quite a few people are opting for more environment-friendly ways to commute such as bicycles etc. But, the increasing numbers of cars on the roads does present a risk. It increases the likelihood of a car getting into a collision.

Thinking of vehicular accidents and collisions is hardly pleasant. However, many of these collisions are not serious. In a vast majority of cases, the people within the car do not suffer any injuries. If at all, they might sustain some minor injuries. But, this is not true of the car. The impact of the collision will damage the car, even if the damage is purely superficial in nature. Thus, the car would typically feature scratches, dents, dings, cracked or shattered windows or windshields etc. Many people might feel that minor damages do not affect the roadworthiness of the vehicle. To an extent, this could be true. As a result, these individuals will not visit auto body shops for CGU smash repairs if the damages are slight. But, this could be counterproductive. The impact of a collision on the body of the car might be much greater than what is apparent.

When people turn in their cars for repairs, they often expect the worst. They know that the quality of the repairs might be good. But, they know that they will not be able to use their cars for some span of time. In addition, they also know that even the slightest of repair work will involve a considerable expense. However, technological advancements have made their presence felt in the domain of vehicular repairs too. Repair techniques such as Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and SMART repairs have made it easier for car repair technicians to resolve many issues with minimal fuss. The fact that these repairs are quicker to complete, makes them cost effective too.

Are You Looking for the Best Providers of Smash Repair Services in Sydney?

Not all body repair shops offer high-quality repairs. As such, you might think that your repaired vehicle is still robust and strong. However, structural weaknesses might still be present beneath the surface. Therefore, when you begin using the vehicle, you might be completely unaware that the vehicle is not completely roadworthy. In this scenario, you’ll probably be safe as long as you are not involved in any other collision. When the accident happens, you could find your car sustaining more damage than you anticipated. If the collision happens to be even more severe, the likelihood of your sustaining injuries could be even higher.

To avoid such occurrences, it is best to entrust your vehicle to a reputed auto body shop. These repair shops will typically offer a myriad of services. Moreover, when it comes to collision repairs, they will be able to offer comprehensive services all under the same roof. This is precisely why many people in Sydney rely solely on Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs for accident repairs. For over 35 years, we have been serving Sydney’s automotive body repair needs with our peerless services. It is worth highlighting that we can repair cars of all makes and models. Our ability to make all kinds of vehicles roadworthy again, has helped us forge an unbeatable reputation in the industry.

A family owned business, Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs operates from the heart of one of Sydney’s industrial business centres. We know how deeply dependent many Australians are on their vehicles. We understand that not having a vehicle for even a few hours can be quite vexing. This is why we offer premium-grade automotive body and mechanical repair work. Our staff has several years of experience in the business. Moreover, their expertise in setting cars right again is unmatchable. With us, you can rest assured that your car will be roadworthy and safe for use. To know more about our services, click here.

What Does a Panel Beater Do?

Many vehicle repair shops feature a diverse range of auto mechanics and technicians. Each of these professionals will usually be specialist in their own areas. As such, they will usually have specific tasks and activities to perform when they carry out various repair jobs. One of the technical experts that you will typically come across in a repair shop will be a panel beater. A panel beater is a professional who specialises in auto body repair jobs. It is worth mentioning that restoring automobile body panels back to their original shape after a collision is not easy. This is precisely what a panel beater is expected to do. Certain activities could well be beyond the abilities of even the best panel beaters. For instance, if you want to repair damaged chrome trims or aluminium grills, not many panel beaters will be able to do the job satisfactorily. This is why many panel beaters tend to specialise in restorative work rather than repair work.

Panel beaters often have years of experience in various methods of vehicular repair. Therefore, these professionals will usually be well-versed in metallurgy, welding and painting techniques. Besides this, good panel beaters will need to possess some of the skills of basic automobile mechanics too. This is especially so because they might need to remove the body panels from the vehicle before working on it. Moreover, panel beaters will need to possess adequate knowledge about working with alloys, steel, aluminium, fibreglass and composites such as plastic and carbon fibre. They will also need to know how to use tools such as the English wheel. For the uninitiated, the English wheel refers to a metalworking tool. It helps in forming smooth curves in sheet metal.

Some of the most important skills that panel beaters require when carrying out SMART repairs include welding, oxyacetylene torch cutting and brazing. Many experienced panel beaters can often assess the strength of the body panel merely by touching and feeling it. In some cases, panel beaters might need to stretch and shrink the metallic body panels. Doing this would help in making the dents hard to detect. To accomplish this, a panel beater would need to know how to use tools such as a dolly and a body hammer.

Tips for Checking the Quality of a Welding Repair Job

Bumps and dents are one of the most common occurrences following a vehicular collision. These can occur even when one vehicle brushes past another while on the road. The appearance of scratches and scraping marks on the body of the vehicle is a given in such cases. In many cases, repainting the surface of the vehicle is sufficient for getting rid of these unseemly marks. However, repairing dents and bumps is not as easy. To carry out comprehensive Ford smash repairs, the repair technician might need to weld the metal on to the vehicle.

When you want to verify that the welding mechanic has carried out high-quality repairs, look for the following indicators:

  • All areas where the mechanic welded the metal will look neat and clean
  • The welded areas will appear to be part of the metal of the car
  • The mechanic will have sanded the welded areas smoothly and kept it safe from corrosion and,
  • The mechanic would have welded any added or replaced parts in the same areas where the factory parts had been welded in

In many cases, auto body shops typically employ certain measuring systems. These systems enable the repair technicians to ensure that they have lined up everything properly. It is worth highlighting that the best body shops will use digital systems. These digital systems make it much easier for the technicians to measure the frame and the structure of the vehicle accurately. When they measure the vehicle, the technicians will compare the current readings to the readings specified in the factory guidelines. Thereafter, they will ensure that the vehicle lines up properly.

How Can You Check the Quality Levels of the Inner City Smash Repairs Performed on Your Vehicle?

A number of people merely use their cars for commuting and carrying out other errands. They will typically possess some fundamental knowledge about their vehicles. But, in the event of a collision, it’s unlikely that they would be able to check the quality of the repairs carried out. This is why many people are afraid of being swindled by auto mechanics. To guard against this, it is imperative for vehicle owners to inspect their vehicles after the completion of repairs. This would enable them to ensure that they’re getting the best value for their money. More importantly, it would help them feel confident when they use the vehicle on the roads. Failure to do this could end up compromising their own levels of safety.

Once the body shop has carried out CGU or Honda smash repairs, you will need to:

  • Ensure that the seams have been lined up properly on the vehicle
  • Check that the seams are evenly spaced, with parallel lines emanating from the adjacent parts
  • Ensure that the repair technicians have not been indiscriminate in using shims i.e. small metallic spacers that technicians often use between parts, as numerous shims could indicate improper levels of structural repair
  • Ascertain that the repair mechanics have not used excess levels of seam sealer, which could indicate a sloppy repair job

What Are Some of the Most Important Things that You’ll Need to Consider When You Require Premium Prestige Smash Repairs?

Even minor accidents could inflict some serious damage to the interiors and exteriors of your car. In particular, the car doors and fenders are highly susceptible to damage. Insurance companies will usually refer you to the body shops that they work with. Thus, it is their responsibility to get the car roadworthy again. This is in addition to paying for any damages sustained in the accident. However, some insurers might give you a list of body shops. Therefore, you will get to choose which body shop eventually repairs your car.

It is worth highlighting that insurance companies will typically recommend some of the best body shops in the area. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the body shops recommended will be reputed and experienced. In addition, they will perform high-quality CGU smash repairs. However, some body shops might well be bad eggs mixed with the good ones. Therefore, you’ll need to do your homework before you entrust your car to these professionals.

When you’re determining the merits of any body shop, ensure that:

  • You research the internet for finding reviews and testimonials of the body shops recommended
  • You check whether the shop uses new and original auto parts as opposed to used or aftermarket parts
  • You confirm that the shade of paint on the newly painted panels matches the shade on the existing ones during the repairing process and,
  • You check that none of the warning lights on the dashboard are illuminated