Car Detailing: Other Considerations

Protection from the Elements

Aside from keeping your vehicle healthy and sanitary, another important reason why you should bring your vehicle for auto detailing is to give it more protection against the elements. As you drive your vehicle, you are exposing it to a variety of harmful elements that can harm its cosmetic appeal. The ultra violet rays from the sun, acid rain, road salt and others can negatively affect your vehicle’s appearance and make it look old and worn.

All vehicles come with a clear coat finish which is said to provide protection for your vehicle’s paint, but a clear coat can only do so much. It is still necessary that you have your vehicle waxed at least twice a year. Good quality wax applied by professional and experienced auto detailers will not only help your vehicle’s paint look a lot glossier and shinier, but it also helps to protect your vehicle’s paint from oxidation and contaminants and keeps it from looking faded.

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

With the exception of a few vehicle owners, we can’t always expect keep and use the same vehicle forever. Inevitably, we’ll have to sell our old vehicles or trade them in for a new and more efficient one. However, selling or trading your vehicle isn’t always an easy process, and that’s not just the paperwork and documentation, but also the difficulty of finding a buyer who’s willing to pay you the price you want.

Vehicles coated with dirt and grime both on the outside and the inside do not only sell for less, but rarely gets sold at all. In general, knowledgeable vehicle buyers associate a dirty exterior and interior with lack of responsibility and regular maintenance, and thus form the impression that other important components of the vehicle like the engine are also neglected.  These are often reasons enough for a prospective vehicle buyer to be hesitant when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle. The buyer becomes even more hesitant if the car just obviously came from collision repairs like CGU smash repairs, Ford smash repairs, or Honda smash repairs.

On the other hand, a clean and crisp looking vehicle both inside and out gives the buyer an impression that the vehicle is well-maintained and cared for, thus making it easier for you to sell it. Thus, consider bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop for auto detailing prior to the sale. When your vehicle’s wheels, rims and upholstery looks to be in mint condition, you should have very little trouble selling the car, and you may even sell it at a higher price than you first intended.

What Makes Car Detailing Important?

Auto detailing is more than just washing and vacuuming your vehicle, although those are basically some of the things that happen when you avail of the service. It may seem that the only real purposed of auto detailing is purely cosmetic, there are several other benefits that come with the service, and some of these benefits are pretty important in their own sense.

See Your Vehicle’s Needs in More Detail

When you see a dirty vehicle, the first problem that you see is cleanliness. However, some vehicle’s may have deeper problems that simply dirt alone. A knowledgeable and experienced auto detailer will be able to help you spot any problems with your vehicle as they conduct their inspection and assessment. They can tell you which parts and areas will need some serious cleaning, replacement or repainting. They can suggest a dent, collision repair or accident repair, interior panelling, rust proofing and several other processes that can help improve your vehicle’s aesthetics, performance and longevity. Depending on the auto detailing shop and the expert looking at your vehicle, the recommendations you get may vary, but you can be sure that all the suggestions you will get are tailored specifically to meet your vehicle’s specific needs. With an auto detailer, you will have a better idea of what issues are affecting your vehicle aside from dirt and grime.

Promotes Good Health

Your vehicle’s interiors, whether you like it or not, is also home a variety of germs and bacteria. The dust, food crumbs and other dirt and debris makes your vehicle a conducive home for these microscopic organisms. Needless to say, this creates an unhealthy environment for you and your passengers. If you find yourself constantly sniffing and sneezing, then you should consider having your vehicle’s interiors cleaned.

Professional auto detailers understand the health risks involved with driving an unkempt vehicle, and thus pour time and effort in ensuring that every bit of dirt and debris is removed. The cleaning process usually involves vacuuming the carpets and upholstery to remove the dirt, and then the interior is sanitised using cleaning agents and solutions made specifically for this purpose.

Auto Body Shop Basics: What Is Car Detailing and What Makes It So Important?

Maintaining a vehicle entails a lot of work—from oil changes to tire replacements and so on. If you own a car, a van or a truck, bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop for regular maintenance and checks will be a part of your routine. However, there is one maintenance activity that many vehicle owners often forget, and that is auto detailing. But what is auto detailing and why is it so important for a vehicle owner?

What Is Auto Detailing?

Many vehicle owners often mistake auto detailing for customisation. They often think that when they take their vehicle to an auto body shop and avail of auto detailing services, it involves the installation of some decals or vinyl or painting the vehicle with some form of artwork.

Auto detailing, in its most basic sense, is a thorough cleaning of your vehicle and making sure that it looks at its best after the process, down to the very last detail. Most auto body shops as well as some shops that offer smash repairs in Sydney will offer both exterior detailing and interior detailing, which as their names suggests, are cleaning services for the outside and inside of your vehicles.

Exterior Detailing

The very first thing that people notice when they see any vehicle is its exteriors. This is why many auto detailers in reputable auto body shop devote a substantial amount of time and effort into exterior detailing since not only do they want to make the vehicle look clean but make it look as closely to what it was when it was brand new. Auto detailers will work on the various exterior components of the vehicle such as the tires, rims, windows and others.

There are several processes involved in exterior detailing. First off would be the washing and drying stage where detailers will use a high-power washer and mild detergent to remove dirt and debris from the vehicle’s surface. This is followed by clay work which involves the use of a clay bar to remove contaminants that weren’t removed during the washing process. After this, the vehicle is polished to give it a nice shine and then a sealant and wax is applied to further make the vehicle glossy and give it protection against the elements.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing, as the name suggests, refers to cleaning the inside of the vehicle. Here, auto detailers in the auto body shop will vacuum the flooring and upholstery including the panels and glove compartments. Scrubbing and shampooing may also be conducted and is in fact necessary to ensure that germs and bacteria are eliminated. Once this is done, the vehicle goes through another set of vacuuming for a more thorough clean, and then deodorizer is used to help the vehicle smell fresh and clean.

What Does the Process of Giving Your Vehicle to a Body Repair Shop for Collision Repairs Typically Involve?

As mentioned earlier, following an accident, the vehicle owner will need to notify the insurance company about the accident. However, this might not be necessary in all cases. In some cases, the damage to the vehicle might not be much. As such, the vehicle owner might feel that the repairs might not be very costly. In such cases, the vehicle owner will bear the expenses for repairing the vehicle. In addition, not many vehicle owners would want to lose out on their No Claims Bonus (NCB). This is especially so if the damage is purely superficial in nature. Thus, they will not report the incident or file a claim with their insurance company.

However, in case the vehicle owner does decide to report the collision to the insurer, they will require the owner to visit an affiliated body repair shop. The professionals in these facilities will give the vehicle a thorough inspection. Thereafter, they will detail all the repairs that the vehicle requires. Along with the list of repairs, they will prepare an itemised estimate. The vehicle owner will need to provide this estimate to the insurance company. In case the repairs are viable, the insurance company will cover them. However, they will deduct the excess amount (or the deductible) from the overall bill before making any payment.

Once the insurance company approves the estimate, the vehicle owner can commence the process of getting the vehicle repaired. Some reputed insurance companies provide their policyholders with rental cars until the time their vehicles are roadworthy again. This is particularly so because the Prestige smash repairs might consume a fair bit of time. A vast majority of accidents typically damage the body of the vehicle. In this scenario, you might need the body shop to carry out some auto paint repairs. Similarly, if your car has sustained bumper damage, you will require car body repair services as well.

It is worth highlighting that not all body repair shops are equal. Many repair shops will make various claims about the kinds of services they offer and their lower pricing models. But, the fact remains that you will not be able to ascertain the quality of their work with merely a cursory glance. You will need to find a professional outfit that you can trust for carrying out auto paint and car body repairs. In addition, you will require the repair technicians to provide high quality repairs while adhering to their estimated timelines.

This is why it’s not worthwhile to drop your vehicle off at the first repair shop that you come across. Instead, if you’re unaware of any reputed body repair shops in your neighbourhood, opt for the one that your insurance company recommends. In many cases, these repair shops will offer high quality repair work at affordable rates. More importantly, they will offer warranties that testify to the quality of their work. When you want to drive a vehicle that is roadworthy and does not compromise your safety, this could be the best recourse on offer.

What is the Best Way by Which You (as a Vehicle Owner) Can Assess the Damage to Your Vehicle?

When a vehicle sustains damage in a collision, the people in it will typically be in a state of shock. In this frame of mind, they will hardly be able to gather their thoughts and be coherent. Similarly, they will probably not be in any condition to think in a clear and logical manner. In many cases, vehicular collisions will affect the body of the vehicle. Some collisions produce superficial damage. For instance, you might need to rid your car of some scratches and dents. Or, you might need to repair a broken bumper. In contrast, other collision impacts could well compromise the structural integrity of your car. Regardless of the damage your car has sustained, you will be aware that it needs CGU or Prestige smash repairs. Thus, you will need to ensure that you’re aware of the extent of damage. Knowing this would enable you to estimate the total cost of restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident state.

Many people simply deposit their vehicles at automotive repair and body shops for examination and repairs. The professionals at these shops inspect the vehicles thoroughly. Thereafter, they provide estimates detailing the damages and the cost of carrying out the appropriate repairs. However, if you’re keen to envisage the extent of damage by yourself:

  • Note down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle – you will usually find this inside the driver’s door frame when the door is open or at the bottom of the windshield directly in front of the driver
  • Note down the car’s make, model, model year and the body style (such as sedan, wagon etc.)
  • Take pictures of the affected area – from a straight-on angle as well as from an aerial view – and document the damage
  • For every kind of damage that you come across, specify the necessary corrective actions
    • For instance, if your car’s wheels have sustained damage, your corrective action could include brake servicing, wheel alignment and tyre balancing
  • Inspect the parts of the car that will require replacement rather than repairing
    • Don’t forget to include parts that the impact of the collision has not affected directly
  • Specify all the other non-repair costs that you might incur during the SMART repairs process such as vehicle storage and towing expenses etc.

What is the Best Course of Action to Follow in the Aftermath of a Car Collision?

The minutes that follow in the aftermath of a car collision can be quite nerve racking. Many people find themselves in a state of shock following the collision. In such cases, the shock of the impact often ends up scaring and jarring the people involved in the collision. Naturally, these individuals will not be in a position to think clearly and logically. As such, knowing what they need to do after the collision doesn’t come easily to them. It is worth mentioning that even people who have escaped unscathed from the collision tend to lose their ability to think clearly. Given this backdrop, it becomes easier to understand how deeply the accident would affect people who suffer injuries as a result of the collision.

When you have just been involved in a collision, you’ll need to ensure that all the people in the car along with you are safe. Then, you’ll need to do the same for the people in the other vehicle. Situations could arise where some individuals might have sustained injuries. In this case, you’ll need to call the relevant helpline. You might need to wait for the ambulance to arrive. During this time, you could go about examining the damage to the car. You will probably need to visit an auto repair shop. This shop will feature repair specialists who can carry out the appropriate Honda or CGU smash repairs. But, this will probably be one of the last things to take care of. Following the collision, you will need to exchange insurance details with the other party involved in the collision.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you might have to wait for the arrival of the police. As soon as they arrive, the police will typically go about completing a report on the collision. In minor cases, you might need to report the collision to the nearest accident reporting station. At this point, you might also need to contact your insurance company. In many cases, insurers prefer having the owner of the car provide an estimate of the damage the car has sustained. This enables them to determine whether to write off the car or to carry out the repairs needed. Vehicle owners will likely need to pay the deductible amount specified on their policy documents. Only after you have dealt with all of these details will you be able to go about getting your vehicle repaired.

Superlative Accident Repair Services Can Make Your Car Look As Good As New

Many people would have gone through the experience of being involved in a car collision. Such incidents are always unpleasant. They leave a bad taste in the mouth at the very least. This is even if the car has merely experienced some superficial damage. In cases where the damage is even severer, the situation become even direr. Unfortunately, no one can predict accidents or collisions. Even if you’re the safest driver in the world, you will not be able to count on other drivers on the road being as conscientious as you are. For some drivers, speed is an essential aspect of their driving. For others, making crazy turns into or out of side roads provides a thrill that is hard to explain. Fortunately, a vast majority of car drivers do not come under these categories. Despite this, the number of car collisions and accidents continues to increase with each passing year.

Statistics suggest that a large number of vehicular collisions are not serious. As such, the external body of the vehicle is the only area that sustains any damage. Such damage could typically comprise minor dents, dings and scratches. If you’re proud of the car you own, you will not think twice about looking for the best Prestige smash repair services for your vehicle. However, even if you do not visit a repair shop any time soon, such damages will not compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.

But, some collisions might not be as innocuous as they initially appear. The impact of the collision could damage the body of the car. These damages might not be all that apparent to the naked eye. In this scenario, many people often make the mistake of depositing their cars at the nearest accident repair centre. They conveniently forget that not all repair shops are equal. As such, they could end up spending a fortune on some cosmetic repairs. In addition, the quality of the repair work might not be all that great. To avoid such occurrences, it is best to remain prepared for contingencies such as vehicular collisions. For instance, you would do well to ascertain the best provider of car collision repairs in the vicinity. Knowing this beforehand would make things much simpler in the aftermath of a collision. For starters, you will know exactly where to take your vehicle for repairs following a collision. At the same time, you would be able to feel confident that the quality of the repair work will be to your satisfaction.

Are You Looking for the Best Quality Inner City Smash Repairs?

You wouldn’t trust a stranger when it comes to driving your car. Similarly, handing over your car for repairs at just about any repair shop is not a great move either. This is because you will typically possess no (or little) idea about the kinds of services offered in the shop. In addition, you will not have any idea about the skills and expertise of the repair technicians in the facility either. As such, would they be able to give your car the repairs it needs to return to its pre-accident condition? In some cases, car owners have found the results to their satisfaction. In others, they have woken up to their follies only after spending a significant sum of money.

To avoid such issues, entrust your car to Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs for the best accident repairs. For more than 35 years, we have been the company of choice for serving Sydney’s automotive body repair needs. Unlike other body shops, we can repair cars of all makes and models. A family owned business, we understand perfectly the extent to which many people depend on their vehicles. This is why our experienced and knowledgeable staff utilises its wealth of experience to bring finesse to every repair job they undertake.

Over the years, we have built an ironclad reputation for delivering superlative quality automotive body and mechanical repair work. Many auto body shops take days, if not weeks, for completing the simplest collision repair jobs. In contrast, we focus on delivering your car back to you in the shortest time span possible. However, this will depend on the type of repair work that the vehicle needs. But, with us, you can rest assured that we will strive to minimise any disruption and inconvenience that not having a vehicle can result in. More importantly, you can rely on us to tailor each job based on your specific requirements. With us, you will not only get your car back in prime condition. You will get 100 percent satisfaction and peace of mind as well. For more details on our services, click here.

What Are Some of the Most Modern Techniques Used for Carrying Out Smash Repairs in Contemporary Times?

Not many people can do without their vehicles for even a day. As such, being involved in a car accident can be quite vexing. If the car ends up sustaining significant amount of damages, you’ll likely need to hire a car for managing your daily needs. But, even minor damage to your car might necessitate your having to leave it at a reputed repair shop for some time. Even if you’re not involved in a car accident or collision, you’ll need to get your car serviced. After all, the longer you use your car, the more it will experience various wear and tear issues. Some decades back, even regular servicing jobs were sufficient for putting your car out of action for a few weeks at least. This is not the case nowadays. This is because technological advancements have come about, which have transformed the manner in which body repair shops carry out repair and servicing jobs.

Some of the most recent techniques to have emerged for repairing vehicles in the automotive sector include:

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR): When one car collides with another car (or surface), dents will result. In the past, repairing such dents was quite a labour intensive process. With PDR techniques, this is no longer the case. PDR specialists typically press, knead and rub down the areas with dents. For dents in hard-to-reach areas, they use various fill and spray methods.


  • Auto Paint Match: Repainting the entire body of the car is necessary if you want to remove the graphics from it or any visible dents. Repair technicians typically use a photo spectrometer for evaluating the original colour of the car. Thereafter, they do a computerised auto paint colour match to determine the colour that will match the original colour perfectly. After the completion of such a paint job, your car will look as good as new.


  • Body Frame Straightening: Accidents and collisions could leave traces of lateral and longitudinal damage on the car. To deal with such smash repairs in Sydney and other cities, repair technicians will typically use a computerise system that uses ultrasound technology. This system will provide accurate measurements of the problems with the alignment of the frame. Thereafter, it will use laser technology to restore the frame to its original state.


  • SMART Repairs: For dealing with non-structural damages, SMART repairs are the way to go. With the help of simple equipment, technicians will be able to eliminate minor dents and scratches with minimal fuss. In many cases, auto body shops offer mobile SMART repair services too. As such, you won’t need to visit the body shop for depositing your car. Instead, the technicians will be able to provide onsite repair services.

How Does a Panel Beater or a Repair Technician Carry Out SMART Repair Work?

Purchasing a car is never cheap. Owning a vehicle does not merely remain confined to the cost you pay for purchasing the car. It includes the running expenses as well as the maintenance charges too. This is why you’ll need to protect your investment as best possible. In some cases, despite taking all the necessary precautions, you might find yourself involved in a car collision. In this scenario, once you’ve checked on the safety of the passengers involved in the collision, you will need to take stock of the damages sustained by the car. In many cases, car collisions are not serious. They will typically result in some scratches, dents and dings on the exterior of the vehicle. To deal with these and set them right, you might want to consider the merits of SMART repairs.

When you visit an auto body shop to deposit your car after a collision, you’ll likely want the repair technicians to get rid of all the scratches and scuff marks resulting from the collision. To accomplish this, the SMART repair technicians will:

  • First clean and dry the affected area for removing the dirt and wax that could affect the repair work
  • Mask off the neighbouring panels and details (including the badges, lights and moulding) carefully to protect them during the repair process
  • Sand back the damaged area for revealing the paint and the primer layers – this is especially so as many repair shops rebuild the colour of the vehicle on a layer-by-layer basis for a better quality finish
  • Prime the vehicle with a grey base and cure it with an infrared lamp
  • Start applying the paint in thin layers with the help of a spray gun
  • Heat the paint to ensure that it dries between each application
  • Cure the entire area with the help of an infrared lamp
  • Remove any paint nibs with extremely fine grain paper after the area has cooled sufficiently and,
  • Polish and buff the panel